It's not FINDING a profitable niche that's the problem, it's...

by Nick Brighton 3 replies
...serving it.

I don't mean creating an info product or writing a few bum articles.
I mean really SERVING that niche market with oodles of valuable and
fresh content.

It's about finding a topic that you can not just identify as profitable,
but one that you can become deeply involved in enough to create a
certain authority.

Many people say that you don't need to know or care about such
matters, I disagree...Why do I disagree? Well, there's a few reasons:

1. Your inability to fully understand your market will translate into
the content you create, from the language, terminology, ideas, dreams,
attitude...and it will always suffer a poor response from your readers if
you don't provide good quality content.

2. You'll burn out from tiresome research for every article. Not knowing
anything about your niche is going to require research. You could argue
that it's possible to create an article based on other people's work. I'd
argue that this is NOT a business that will last for obvious reasons.

3. Your overall disinterest for the topic will leave you susceptible to
distractions from other "lucrative niches".

4. You'll lack believability and integrity between you and your audience.
People aren't as stupid as some may be inclined to think. Don't believe
me? Here's a quick example - go take a look at some of your articles at
Ezine articles (or other directory) that you wrote purely to get a
commission...take a look at the percentage of author bio views.
If you've got bio views, it suggests that people want to know who's
behind the content.

John Reese made a similar point some time ago...that the internet
and business conducted on the internet is facing the need for

In other words, people reading your content, watching your videos,
visiting your bookmarks, accepting your blog comments, buying your
eBooks and believing your reviews/sales copy...all want to know

So it's all very well finding a niche, but my advice is to find a niche
that you can actually be integrally involved in. This could mean using
the products, have a genuine interest in subject, having a passion in
the subject, wanting to genuinely help people (not just sell to them).

I'm sure a few people will disagree with this post which is cool. I am
not saying that it's impossible to become successful online unless you
are passionate or highly experienced (after all, technically you could
just enlist the help of experts which is a great model)...

...but what I am saying is that if you're just starting out or looking
to build a site that will stand the test of time (without you needing
to buy several traffic eBooks every month) then you'd be well advised
to start thinking about stability and longevity - which is best achieved
by providing value in an environment that you'll enjoy doing so.
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    Nick, I made a similar post to this a long time ago and got torn a new one
    for it.

    I agree with you, but many do not.

    And, they prove it with all the money they make not giving a rat's ass about
    the niche or the people they're targeting. They're just numbers to them.

    I guess both ways work, but I don't have the smarts to make it work on a
    niche that I know nothing about. How do I know? I tried. Miserable failures
    each time.

    If I can't write about it from my heart...I can't sell it.

    That's just the way it is with me.
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      Originally Posted by Daniel McGonagle View Post

      Great post here...

      Surprised nobody commented on it yet.

      Stability and longevity aren't sought after as much as quick
      cash, so I agree with you 100% here...

      The transparency factor you speak of, I assume putting your
      face on videos is what you mean here, or just developing better
      relationships, or both?
      Yes, the transparancy is about proving to people that you are integral. That you are the person you say that you are, or at least being honest. How you do that is your business, but it can be done through relationships, video and social networking to name but a few methods..

      Some people say that as long as you're not being deceitful then it doesn't matter which I totally agree with, but I still think you need to be careful not to talk out your butt.

      Originally Posted by Steven Wagenheim View Post

      And, they prove it with all the money they make not giving a rat's ass about
      the niche or the people they're targeting. They're just numbers to them.
      Yep, and it's sad. Especially when you consider the fact that these are real people, often with serious mental, emotional, financial or physical problems and they are looking for a genuine answer. Sure, you might suggest the perfect product to them which is fine, but I am talking about more about how YOU, as a marketer, can benefit more greatly in the long run by involving yourself in something that you can speak with authority on.

      It's the exact same reason why so many internet marketers end up selling to internet marketers...they know nothing better, which makes sense.

      ...But when those marketers go off and pretend to be a weight loss expert, a real estate guru or a dermatologist, only to discover that they don't have the ability to compete with authoritative content, then all goes to pot.

      There's nothing wrong with pen names and all that, the point is more about your own chances of success by becoming involved deeply enough in a single market that you can carry weight in.

      There's no right or wrong as usual, but there is no denying that the biggest problem you'll ever face when selling on the internet is TRUST.

      Look at Micheal Fortin's Copywriting blog. Look at the sheer content he spews out on a regular basis. Look at the picture of his face right at the top, look at the credentials, the about me page...the PROOF. I could go on and on about why he makes 5 figures in his industry just from that single blog alone, let alone all his other ventures, all based around authority and TRUST.

      There's millions of examples out there, but I just hope you are starting to see the truth that transparency is the way forward.
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    I couldn't agree with you more. The internet has become a marketing tool instead of an information tool. Whenever I happen to search for good information these days, all I end up getting are the 1000's of sites that ahve little, or worse - incorrect information on them, but plenty of adsense, or affilate links.

    Finding a site with valuable information on it that is also correct information is solid gold - and just as difficult to find.
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