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I had written 100 articles in a niche before I realized that it was a difficult to convert product (150:1). I was thinking about adding adsense to my website to add a little income. I get about 100 visitors per day now that I've stopped writing.

I just checked some of my articles and four are in the Most Viewed Category for EZA! Two more are about to hit. My average CTR is 20%. I figure I'll probably get a boost in views from EZA.

I think it's cool that I bring in a couple of sales a week without doing anything else but I feel like I have a chance to make more money.

Please give me some ideas.

I have a blog that I link the articles from to keep them high in the rankings but that's about it.
For some reason Google un indexed my website so it doesn't show up in organic searches. I asked for a review.
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    I think 1 in 150 is halfway to respectable.

    I have a product in a tiny niche that only gets about 2000 visitors per month but they keep buying at about 1 in 150.

    I do nothing now to produce these sales - they are all on auto pilot.

    They only thing I occasionally do is write an aritcle to the website and a related one to Ezinearticles.

    This web site will not make me rich but it runs at about £20 - £30 per week.

    I would not put adsense on this type of site because you are distracting your visitor from what you really want them to do which is make a purchase.
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    Might be something you already looked into, but you might try selling a related product. Perhaps there's something out there that converts better. 100 visitors/day is pretty dang good... keep looking for ways to up the conversion rate.

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    Just focus on writting more and more articles and have them in different catagories on EZA's website.

    Again, the more articles, the BETTER.

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      What I do is test my conversions with various products that I'm promoting is affiliate.

      If you enter into a niche that has several products that you can promote as an affiliate you should test them each out to see which one converts the best and sometimes it takes several weeks to do this.

      Frank Bruno
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