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by juxter
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I am brand new to email marketing and list building. Just wondering if I should pick a niche and set up just a squeeze page and start building a list and do some promotions and see how it goes ( test out the niche and see if it is profitable ) and then build a blog to go along with it. Should I do it that way or just jump in and build both a blog and squeeze page together.

I would appreciate any help and ideas. Thanks.

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    LJ, I think that it depends on how well you can sustain your interest in the niche, at least in part.

    If the niche you choose is something you have an interest in anyway (like the "hair growth and replacement" niche if you are going bald), you can jump in with both feet. If it's a niche you pick for the money, or because you found what might be a great keyword, start with the squeeze page to gauge interest in your take on the subject.

    You will have some kind of unique spin, right? Otherwise, you're just another "me, too" guy...
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      Hi John,

      Thanks for the quality advice. I do appreciate it. You have helped a lot!

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        It shouldn't be hard to do both, but creating blog will take more work if you want the blog to be of any use.

        To post original content would mean you would have to have some knowledge of the niche. If you do, this shouldn't be too hard.

        Or, you could take the resource route for your blog and share other interesting articles, resources, etc that people in the niche would find interesting. This would take work to find solutions, resources, interesting content etc.

        I like to say that you are just a middleman, trying to provide solutions for people. If you do not know the solutions yourself, you can still direct people to other places they can find solutions.

        Than you can adjust depending on how people react to your content.
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          I love this forum! Thanks for the quality advice. You guys are really helping me to put things in perspective. Thank you so much!

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          If you are just testing out a new market/niche, then I would suggest drive traffic to a squeeze page with a thank you page either redirecting to an affiliate product or have a soft sale on the thank you page itself.

          Two models I find success with are below (one is for paid traffic, and one is for free traffic).

          1. Identify what makes your market tick. Check out forums, yahoo answers, amazon reviews, etc...(Harvest some good keywords while you're at it)

          2. Set up Squeeze pages based around the hot buttons & keywords.

          3. Create a short 3 message autroresponder sequence:

          Message #1 Hello, Thank You, Freebie Delivery
          Message #2 Survey monkey Free Survey,
          Message # 3 some sort of content with a reminder about the survey. Make sure the survey really digs into the 'why' they are into what ever topic you are marketing.

          4. Send some Paid traffic (think outside the box, there's more than just Google, think Facebook, various low cost media buys etc...)

          5. Let this run long enough to get a decent snapshot of what your market is thinking. This can be anywhere from 100-1000 sign ups, only you will know your comfort level here.

          6. Analyze results:

          A: What was the popular "problem/issue" your market feels that you could develop a solution for.

          B: Did you make any sales on the affiliate redirect? (No sales is not necessarily a make or break deal, though if you are maknig sales in this fashion you may be on to something.

          7. Determine if you want to move forward or move on....

          For the free traffic approach just substitute Article Marketing, Press Releases, Videos, Podcasts, etc into Step 4 above...

          While this is a 'Broad View' it is also an effective method for testing a market. Plus, after you get the sign ups, you own the list.

          It might turn out your original idea was off target. However, now that you have a list you can communicate with you can right the ship and give em what they want...pretty sweet really!

          Anyway, Hope this helps....

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    if the niche is one that people are actually selling products in, then by all means go for it with both feet. JUMP IN and rock and roll.

    Problem-Solution niches are almost always profitable if approached correctly. To me - email autoresponder is the way to go.
    birminghamshootingrange.comfor sale |"Knowledge is NOT power... ACTION on Knowledge is power"
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    I like to "test the waters" first, before investing too much time. I hate building out a blog only to find out the conversions or traffic opportunities stink.

    Yes, you can use tools to get an idea of traffic, but you really don't know how a niche will work for you till you try it.

    I like writing a few articles and throwing them on ezinearticles. This can tell me how the interest is, how easy it is to get that article to rank in the search engines, and also how well sales will convert (or click throughs, at least).


    WarriorForum Rules!

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    the email marketing that I do is usually done through list builders such as list joe and viral ad store. Also through Co-Reg leads that are uploaded into my autoresponder. I don't do much email blasting like the traditional way.
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