Warrior Forum as it, FaceBook has it, MySpace has it, YouTube has it

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There is a tipping point of critical mass when a website gets enough users / fans, buzz, whatever you want to call it, that it becomes "the place" to go, hang out, and visit.

Twitter went from nothing to hyper buzz quickly. I think the 500questions site will do the same. There seems to be a unknown "something" that makes these sites take off.

What do you think that is?
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    I think you mentioned it...

    The Tipping Point.

    One of those things that's hard to put your finger on, but when it tips - things grow exponentially.

    There's a fantastic book, not sure if you're aware of it, it's called:

    The Tipping Point

    Great read.

    Kindest regards,
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    It seems to be the high school clique thing. It's where the cool kids hang out. Your friends are doing it, so you should be too.

    I have friends on Facebook now that would have NEVER been on the internet before FB somehow sucked them in. People that have zero internet footprint/presence are showing up there. It's really crazy.

    That and FB itself was a great adult alternative to the spam market that is MySpace. To me, MySpace has a really negative connotation. It's not really a place where I wanted to be seen; it's not "serious" enough. FB, being that it started as an Alma Matter site, was much more "professional".

    Anyway, that's my two cents.

    As for Twitter, it's just fun and easy. And once again, all the cool ppl are doing it.

    Popularity contests reign supreme, even at this day and age.

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    Yups about the tipping point. Most probably powered by attraction of the same mind. There's a thread earlier that asked the diff between $47 and $97 in terms of pricing..

    Most of us answered $50 even though we know the OP was expecting something deeper.

    The point: "We here almost have the same mind" - Birds of the same feather flocks together..

    Though sometimes it takes time. When it happens we call it tipping point.

    Just an opinion

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    In the Tipping point Malcolm Gladwell discusses context, connectors , mavens and salesmen combined with context and stickyness - and these are themes we see used a lot with websites...

    The summary is:

    People link together evangelists who are persuasive..in an impactful way in one environment of like minded others.

    The Tipping Point (book - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)
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    I highly recommend The Tipping Point to anyone that wants to understand the current state of the Internet. Gladwell's other famous book Blink I don't really rate but TTP is amazing.
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    Blink was also great. "Thin slicing" is particularly relevant to the internet.
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