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Hope this isn't too "off topic". It's not commercial as I'm not selling anything, just letting interested parties know about a promo I plan to run.

About this time every year, some of the big marketeers run what (I think) you US guys call a "firesale". Individual vendor offer huge discount on some of their products. Several of these vendor's offers are then grouped together on a single HTML page, and offered for sale. Thus, not only does the vendor gets publicity for their own product, they also get a healthy commission by promoting the "firesale" product itself.

Now most of these goods are usually offered as "instant download" products ... but I'm planning to take the idea one stage further, and offer the items via a physical CD! And not just a simple CD created on a home PC. Each will have professional labels, barcode and be sealed in a cellophane wrapper.

Another drawback with existing firesales is that the reader is often diverted from the "introducer's" site to the "promoter's site" ... but with my system, the user can remain on your website if you prefer!

The usual "modus operandi" is to place code on your site that displays a banner advert. This will then divert to a page on our site, or as explained, a page on YOUR site. Note: Your site could be a Wordpress blog or an HTML site. Doesn't matter which. The banner ads will also "rotate" and display a different countdown banner as we get closer to the actual sale date.

Do you want to contribute something to my CD, and What's In It For You ?

I'm allowing interested parties 10MB of space to offer their own software / ebooks / courses etc on the disc. Ideally, the product will already have its own sales page showing the full retail price. (The idea is that I will run a small "advert" for your product on the FireSale sales page with a "Take a look at the product HERE" link) That way, people can see what a bargain they are getting. Ideally vendors will also include our banner ad on their site, or tell members about the promo.

Since each vendor gets 10MB of space (approx), I will get 50 - 60 vendors on the disc, maybe more if some vedors require less space, (such as simple links to membership sites etc) Each vendor will be mentioned on the sales page with a link back to their site. As each new product is added, it will appear on the "sales page". So the sooner your product is accepted, the more publicity that product gets.

Also, since each vendor will be expected to (at minimum) place the Firesale banner code on their site, each vendor will effectively be sending traffic to the Firesale site. Of course, with each vendor mentioning the Firesale on their website ... or sending details to their lists, all vendors could help generate a lot of traffic to the site, and indirectly to other vendor's sites.

Now everyone who visits the site will be invited to subscribe to our mailing list so that they can be notified when the product goes "live" This also stores your affiliate code! Once the product DOES go "live", we send out emails to all interested parties, and any resultant sales earn you a commission. How much? Depends on what products we can include on the disc, and the final selling price we feel we can charge. This could be $50, it could be $197. (It's doubtful it will be more as this is effectively an "impulse" sale just before Christmas 2008 when funds will already be tight). All I can say is that - whatever the price - you get 50%.

Not got a product you wish to include on the disc? No problem. You can be an affiliate for the product itself, and again earn 50% commission on each sale. All you have to do is register as an affiliate, and include the banner code on your website ... or email a link to your members once the product goes "live".

Sound exciting? One problem; TIMESCALE. Christmas 2008 is about 12 weeks away! The product will be despatched during the first two weeks of December ... which leaves around 10 weeks to get all the products in, get affiliates in place and the CD created. (The product may also be sold in the January Sales at a discount, so at most this product has a 6 - 8 week shelf life)

Please pass this message to as many interested parties as you can think of. Unless we can get suitable vendors to donate products to the CD, the product cannot be created.

If you feel you have a product you wish to include, please contact me PERSONALLY at:

To register as an affiliate, go to (This will also allow you to promote my other CD discs in due course).

To get the instructions / code to include banners etc on your site, send an email to (automated reply)

Thanks for your attention.

Chris Brown
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    What kind of products are you looking for? In what niches? IM, other?
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  • Sounds daft, but I hadn't really thought of THAT aspect!!

    I suppose the ideal market would be Marketing as that is where most interest lies I think. But then personally, I'm also interested in video production, After Effects, Photoshop, web site production and others.

    What I'm getting at is it depends on interest, what sites are willing to host the banner code - or what I can "tie" together. If I get a lot of interest in a particular subject, I might (BIG MIGHT) create a CD for each market.

    That said, so far, I have ONE person expressing a slight interest (ahem!!) But then, I've only got 1 forum post, and sent 11 emails, so I need all the promo I can get!

    I coded "CB-Wizard", "Poppa-Banner", "Listbot-Wizard", "Ad-Ticker" and "Accept Cookies". I also have a membership script coming out in the 2014 that pays Co-Admin developers up to 90% commission each month for writing TWO ARTICLES.

    Find links to these at my generic site:

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