Surely They Know Better...?

by Big JP
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So I was checking through one of my email accounts today, it was the one I use to subscribe to other internet marketers lists, and I check it once in a while to see what the latest hype and buzz is...

Whilst reading through the emails, I was quite suprised to see one of the top Internet Marketers, who has not too long ago won internet marketer of the year! Promoting a Flog!

It was one of these "Work from Home" As seen on CNN, CBS, USA Today...etc. Type of fake blogs, with 30 fake comments (and comments now closed!) full of different types of ads promoting the same scammy product, and one of those pics showing a cheque for $****

Basically, the reason why the FTC went wild. It was the perfect example of a flog, and broke every rule the FTC could ever wish for :rolleyes:

Like I say in the title..."Surely they know better?"
I don't understand why a top internet marketer would do something so stupid? What's going on ???
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    Maybe times are tough and the jet's being repossessed or maybe being Top never meant being wholesome and you just missed it?

    - I dunno -
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