PPC, PPV - i haven't got a clue!

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Hi everybody,

OK - i have a small problem. I actively promote an MLM, well actually a 2 tier program (Your Net Biz) and am happy with it. It's high ticket at $2995 for the top package, but the commissions are great. I also push MS once i have people in my pipeline as a funded proposal.

I have my own landing page, with video explaining how my services and experience can assist potential interested parties and i also have my own personal site, where people can check me out and see that i am no fraud.

Free advertising (ok, yes, i have spent a lot of time, so not free) has worked to a point, but compared to my UK competitors who i watch daily using Google Alerts, i am not getting anything like the same levels of business. Why? Because they all do PPC and PPV.

Now - here is the problem. I know that this is a major skill in itself and my previous attempts at PPC resulted in nothing but cost as my campaign was badly devised. But unfortunately, i don't really know how to create a good, effective and cost efficient campaign because i have never taken the time to study it.

So - if there is anyone out there on this great forum that would be able to point me in the right direction to get things moving, i would really appreciate their comments (and anyone really skilled, i would be happy to pay for their involvement/services)

Look forward to hearing from you

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