Do you guys accept payments?

by ShayB
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Hey, Warriors!

I have a question.

If you give a quote to someone for the cost of your services, and they say they want to spread the payments out, do you work with them on paying? Or do you say, "Sorry, no payment plans."

Or does it depend on the situation?
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    Happy to do it for people I've worked with before but I'm not keen on doing it for anyone I don't know.
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      If it's an ongoing service, they can pay me over time. If it's for something
      where they receive the product up front, no.

      Been ripped off too many times.

      When you go to a doctor's office, it says right up there on the way.

      "Payment is expected when services are rendered UNLESS other arrangements
      are made in advance."

      My doctor doesn't care that he knows me for 20 years. He still wants his
      money when I see him and not X number of days or weeks after the fact.
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        Hello Shay

        It's not something I've ever offered, although I probably would for more expensive products, assuming I could cancel them remotely if the additional payments failed to materialise.

        If I didn't have a way of doing canceling/disabling the product, I wouldn't offer a payment plan.

        Call me cynical if you like, but there are enough freebie seekers out there without giving them another way to do it.

        One other point is cash flow - your business is basically taking a hit on the cash flow to assist your customer with theirs. For me, I'd need to have built this into my business plan before I would offer it.



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    Certainly I've accepted payments, but consider it on a case by case basis.

    I like to help people. I dislike carrying people.

    For example, a recent project found a new client wanting to pay me upfront, right away... but bumping into a daily spending limit on his card.

    No biggie. We just split the x,xxx into a few payments over the course of a few days.

    Problem solved. Everyone wins.

    Now, would I let somebody "gladly pay me Tuesday for a hamburger today"? No.

    Popeye and everybody else in town knew Wimpy was a deadbeat.

    Terms can be made win-win.

    50% at inception;
    25% at first draft (with kill fee of 25% if they want to kick out - of course, that will never happen, right? But it makes them feel good.);
    25% at delivery.

    A client that can't afford you may well be a very nice person... But they are also, by definition, a shitty client.

    When one shines, try and help 'em out. But remember that your business comes first.


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    I offer 50%/50% payments on some services. 50% up front, 50% upon completion.
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    For some situations it is standard procedure. For example for website design, the customer typically pays 1/3 up front, 1/3 during design process, and the final third upon completion. This way neither party is at risk and completion dates can be made and kept accordingly. For something that does not take time to develop, payment plans are not a good idea for the seller.
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    I do sometimes,
    And as I mention in my report, some of my writers only get paid monthly or bi monthly- but I have an excellent relationship with them(And they know they could BLAST me on here if I didn't )
    Some of my clients are large companies with very sloooooowwwww accounting systems which impacts my writers.

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      Thanks, everyone, for the replies!!
      "Fate protects fools, little children, and ships called Enterprise." ~Commander Riker
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    Agree with what Mr. Gene Pimentel says - 50% (nonrefundable)
    deposit with the remainder due upon completion.
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    Yes, I accept one-payment of 100% on the date of purchase.

    Additional payments are optional.

    This is for products- for services, I might go with some upfront, some on completion as others have explained above.
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