Guru's Email Lists...Do You Subscribe Any?? If So, Which Ones Are The Best?

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I remember reading a discussion about this some time back, but I can't seem to find it. For that reason, I thought I'd ask again.

I currently subscribe to a staggering number of IM guru's email None. Nada.

But in light of learning how to write better email copy, I figured this might be a great free resource to tap into.

So my question...

Which Internet Marketing lists do you subscribe to? Who writes the best email copy?

I remember liking Jeff Johnson's and Frank Kern's, but I want to hear what you all think.

Thanks for your help,
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    Warning: Don't spend all of your time what other people have to say. After years of doing this, I have actually started to REMOVE myself from some of these Guru's lists.

    That being said, I suggest following John Reese, Chad Kimball and Ryan Deiss
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      You're exactly right, which is why I am subscribed to ZERO lists.

      But I have a specific reason for wanting to sign up to a few...and that is to better learn email copy writing.

      John Reese
      Chad Kimball
      Ryan Deiss

      Thanks for the recommendations

      Originally Posted by Sooner View Post

      Warning: Don't spend all of your time what other people have to say. After years of doing this, I have actually started to REMOVE myself from some of these Guru's lists.

      That being said, I suggest following John Reese, Chad Kimball and Ryan Deiss
      Thousands of happy Warriors agree...
      This service is a MUST - so worth it - Barry C.
      Derek is a keyword genius - Alan W.
      The results are incredible - page one already! - Navia B.
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  • They all email the same stuff over and over. I guess you must be pretty smart to send out your own copy written about the "other guys" latest and greatest.

    None of these unbelievable products has much of a shelf life. So it's all about getting the suckers on the line first.

    I use a Yahoo Email when I get on any list... and I get on lists by posting comments on blogs. Then on comes the spammarific idea mail.

    Yahoo makes it easy to kill the junk.
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    Eban Pagan's is definately my favorite, I've gotten a lot of useful information for free from them
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    She might not be your typical guru, but I really enjoy reading Kim Roach's case studies.

    Looking for high quality solo ad traffic? 200-2000 clicks available/day. Testimonials here. PM me

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      I really dislike how "guru" is used in a derogatory manner here. While I understand why that is, most "gurus" have earned their stripes and are FAR more successful than any of us. The derision is incredibly disrespectful.

      That being said, I understand how easy it is to drown in your inbox, so I too keep the lists I subscribe to short and sweet. Subscribing to more for research purposes at certain times is a good move though.

      The short list of people I subscribe to (and STAY subscribed to) are:

      1. AliBrown -- (of Online Success Blurprint fame)
      2. Sheri McConnell --
      3. Carrie Wilkerson --

      Each of these ladies are multi-millionaires in their own right. They've also been around quite a while and are completely genuine.

      I've also subscribed to Joan Stewart's Publicity Tips e-zine for YEARS ( I don't know if Joan is a millionaire, but she's extremely successful and merges publicity with IM -- and makes a very good living doing so.

      Everyone else comes and goes and I subscribe (or unsubscribe) based on my business needs at the time.

      Anyone else trying to get my attention in this field has a nearly impossible task at unseating any of the ladies from their "top of mind awareness" position in MY mind! It would take something catastrophic to make me switch my loyalty to anyone else. (And I've spent THOUSANDS of dollars with these ladies.)

      They're all excellent copywriters, so their e-mails are worth studying. Fortunately, I've been saving them for years.

      Hope that helps!

      "You can't market here. This is a marketing discussion forum!"
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    I am on several lists but the only ones i really pay attention to are:

    John Thornhill
    Dave Nicholson
    Michael Cheney
    Omar Martin
    Ryan Lee
    Daniel Sumner

    They are all ethical guys who like to give as well as take and they don't generally rehash other people's emails!

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    There's only two marketers I read as they send decent emails with good content rather than "Watch this video" or "Buy this".

    Both Martin Avis and Phil Wiley provide high quality information without just being after your cash.


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    I am a fan of both Chris Farrell and Matt Carter, both of whom put me on the right path.
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