Need Someone Experienced With Service/Product Creation!

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Hi, I thought of an interesting idea, but I don't know if it's plausible or not. Ultimately, I could try and "create" this idea into a reality, and test it out to see if it works, but due to the nature of the idea it may take a while...

Which brings me to ask my question to any fellow warrior experienced in creating a service or product for others.

However, I'm very protective of this idea and if there is anyone who can help me on a private message basis, it'd be greatly appreciated!
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    which type of product you want to create??
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      Well, it's actually more of a service, but I might possibly need some type of software to manage clients.

      I have two ideas I'm thinking of, I'll try to explain them:

      1) The service will be me redirecting a possible client to the product. I will need tracking for the clients though on both my end and the product owner's end.

      2) I will create a website, where I will display products. However, the product owner will need to pay a monthly fee for a listing on the site.

      They are pretty simple ideas, but I guess my idea provides a unique twist (or so I think) on an old formula.
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