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I am needing you all to wish me luck. I started out on the internet market at the beginning of the year. I bought a 'system' which although has not given me the results it promised has certainly given me the starting information I needed. With this system I was given a 'free' website, which I had to pay the hosting for but it is just one of those run-of-the-mill sites that I have come to see so many of.

Well I am now ready to say goodbye to this site and venture out on my own. Making money online is definately something that I am extremely interested in and want to continue doing, but the 'system' was all about promoting work from home opportunites, etc, I am sure you all know the ones I am talking about, and this is something that I am not keen to continue. I feel that most of the systems are a rip-off, they all pretty much tell you the same things; which I have also come to realise if you look hard enough you will find the information free anyway.

So my next step is to find a niche that I am truly interested in and take it from there. Do you think it is possible to earn money from any niche? I am not sure what or how I will do this but I am willing to give it a shot. So wish me luck guys:-)

Jacqui x
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    Hi Jacqui

    Good luck with it.

    Do you think it is possible to earn money from any niche?
    That's not a question I would ask myself. All you really need to know is if you can earn money from your chosen niche, not just any niche.

    1. Visualise a group of real PEOPLE (yes!) with a common need/want/problem.

    2. How can YOU (yes YOU!) help them fulfill their need/want/problem better, faster, for longer, for less money etc?

    3. What product/service can YOU (yes YOU!) create/source that will offer this help at a price the niche will happily pay?

    4. How will YOU get it in front of as many of your target market as possible?



    Easy email marketing automation without moving your lists.

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    Hello Jacqui

    You'll do best to devise your own "system."

    I would urge you to learn to develop your own websites
    which is really easy to do these days with WordPress.

    Once you have mastered this skill, the sky's the limit.

    Good luck in your future endeavors!!!
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    Internet marketing is SO simple yet so many people make it so complicated.

    You just sign up with an affiliate program, and then sell the product on your site. You have to get an opt in email form on your site so that you are able to catch the person's name and email for follow up.

    In the "work at home" there is a LOT of competition so if you can find a niche that has low competition, then go with that.

    But the most important thing in your online success is YOUR LIST.

    Make sure you get that.

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      yes do plenty of research before you do anything else and make a plan its always a good idea.
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    Good luck! You can do it! =D

    Sherwin J

    Best online business!

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    Anything is possible if you put the time and effort into it. You are definitely moving the right direction, so keep up the good work!
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    Hi Jacqui,
    I'll definitely wish you luck and the most important is keep on learning and doing. And my motto "There is a will, there is a way!" =)

    Moon Loh
    Share my passion, findings, ideas, recommendations, learning curve towards a success Internet Marketing Entrepreneur @ http://MoonLoh.com
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    Thanks guys
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    Go Go Go, You can do it!

    Good Luck
    Do not pray for an easy life, pray for the strength to endure a difficult one. - Bruce Lee
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    Hi Jacqui,

    I think your situation is just like most of the newbie, I been there too...

    There are too many methods / ways to earn money online, I suggest you stick with one method and make your way through it.

    What I mean is: if you want to use blog to generate income, FOCUS on all your effort to learn:
    1. Generate traffic to blog
    2. All the monitize blog method such as affiliate product, ads network, blog reviews, paid links...
    3. Build relationship with your reader
    4. Provide consistent and regular QUALITY post.
    5. Build up your email list
    6. Create product about your blogging experience


    If you like to earn money from affiliate product, use article marketing:
    1. Learn various methods of article marketing
    2. Learn how to use ezinearticles.com to tap google traffic
    3. Write at least 50 articles for each niche you entered
    4. Use articlemarketingautomation.com to build back links to your articles or website
    5. track and tune your skill to write article
    6. Write article in the fastest time!
    7. Move on to the next niche after sending 200 visitors with no sales!
    8. If the niche started to generate sales, you should find more related keywords and write even more articles for the niche...

    No matter what method you use, you must be:
    1. FOCUS

    Find tune your skill by working more and learning less! (Trust me, learning too much will only hurt you, you need more experience!)
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    I would do some really deep research into a niche before getting started. I once had a friend start a gift basket website only to see no sales because the market was already covered.

    Also, making your own websites and perhaps starting out with a content site would be a good way to get your feet wet. Good luck in everything you do.
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    Wish you good luck. May God help you in your every right step.
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