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O.K. I have a client that wanted to setup a forum for him and his hunting buddies to get together and talk about freezing their butts off hoping to kill something, sell stuff, offer one and other services etc. etc. and when he initially asked I told him the easiest to get set up would be phpbb however he went a purchased vBulletin. So now he has a very expensive piece of software and I have never used vBulletin before.....So I have a couple of questions.

What would be a good hosting provider for a vBulletin forum, I am looking for something that will allow the site to grow. From the way he talks he expects some growth pretty quickly and I would think that some pretty serious disk space and bandwidth would be in order but not sure about that.

I would also like to know if anyone has any experience with the installation of the forum software. I have looked over the sales page and there is some php editing needed but not sure if this will be a problem or not but not being the overly technical type of guy I may be looking for someone to install this. vBulletin offers installs from the site but it is around $150 per install.

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    Purchase vBulletin, the most powerful forum software available. - Might be a better place to ask your questions since they have a blog and a forum.

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    The last time *I* worked with it, it was FLAT FILE! NOW, it is MYSQL! ileneg is right, but I imagine most hosts can handle it FINE. The flat file version was fairly easy to install, so I would hope the MYSQL one is. You NEVER know though. I just tried installing joomla/CB/KUNENA, and that was WAY harder than it should have been. Next stop MOODLE and maybe another app. BTW kunena is a PHPBB/vbulletin competitor.

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    Client has already posted at the vBulletin forum so I thought I would check here. No big problems as if needed they do offer installation and with the hosting I currently have accounts with Hostgator, IX Webhosting and Bluehost but I thought someone that has used this may have some suggestions.



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    Yeah, I USED to license it, but THEN they switched to MYSQL and said I could have it ONLY on THEIR servers. I thought FORGET IT! Obviously, they reconsidered but, by then, I had left.

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    Create a blank MYSQL database, edit the config.php file to have the right db info, upload everything go to install it and keep clicking next until it is done and that's it. As far as a host, I recommend getting a dedicated forum if it indeed will be growing quickly and have many concurrent users. If not, any good shared host will do. I have a vbulletin forum setup on a baby hostgator account, there's minimal traffic though but I have experienced server memory problems so yeah.
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