Interested in the IM niche...but where to start?

by BJ Min 5 replies
Hey guys,

I have couple niches that I focus on...which is the
way i started to learn more and more about IM...

I am no guru but make up to 3000 a month which
I'm sure some starters are wanting to learn...

but wondering from you guys...

What advice do you have for someone getting
started in the IM niche?

....I like coming up with creative new ideas
and creating products based on INNOVATIVE you think I can teach that stuff?

That's my main interest...but i was wondering
if I can go DEEP in to that (backend, seminars, etc...)

or should I go GENERAL and teach every little
thing to my courses?

or focus on ONE SPECIFIC thing?

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    Just develop products and services based on what you've learned and know.

    There's quite a few people doing that already and are making good money.

    You can develop a whole line of products and services at various levels including all the way through to your backend.

    Frank Bruno
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    Really this a question you need to answer yourself. Do you want to go broad or do you want to go deep? Does the idea of speaking at a seminar or selling high priced products and coaching tickle your fancy? There is no right answer except what's right for your...

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      Online IM is extremely competitive. I give seminars to local businesses on how to market online. It has been very lucrative especially for any sales or marketing company like insurance, automobile, real estate, and attorneys.
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    Approaching local businesses is one avenue. Creating innovative, new products is a sure way to stay busy! But yes, it is an extremely competitive (but profitable) niche. Offering a backend coaching, seminar is a smart way to get your product out there at a really competitive price (and to build your list), while making the real money down the road from your best customers.
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    Intensity beats extensity everytime
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