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Hello everyone!

This is my first post on this site but I have been reading the forums for sometime now thanks to my good friend Sean Gallagher. I want to thank everyone on this site for so much useful information.

I wanted to ask a question about a job I have with a company and how I can improve my sales.

Over a year ago I was offered a position as a freelance sales agent with a Golf Holiday company. The company is small and operates out of my home town. I have put in a lot of effort sending out emails and making phone calls to many golfers all over the country with not much success. I have found that people hardly read emails from someone they don't really now and they rarely return phone calls.

I also believe that the internet is the way to go so I am thinking of ways to use the internet to generate more sales for me. Unlike most affiliate programs on the internet where everything is tracked, I do not have this option. I get paid simply for referring business to my employer and he will get a quote for a holiday and I play middle man from there. If they book a trip I receive 8% of the total sale. The only way I can track this is simply by personal informing my employer of a group that wants to book a trip.

So I am wondering how I can use the internet to boost my freelance sales with this company? I have a golf instruction website that is just getting going and I will use that to promote the fact that I am a golf holiday specialist and I can book a golf holiday for anyone. I was also thinking about creating a golf travel blog and using that to promote me as a golf holiday specialist so people can contact me and I can send the business to my employer.

Is there any ideas that I am missing?

Thanks for your time and I look forward to your replies.
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    The blog will be a great idea especially if you can
    do some keyword research to get the right people
    to it. I would then offer some training videos, maybe
    1 or 2, to capture their contact information.
    Now they are conditioned to open your emails
    you can send them information for Golf Holidays
    and promote your Golf instruction videos.

    Also not to mention you can find other list to
    send emails out to. I'd target other country club
    sports like Tennis etc...
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