Best affiliate products to pimp?

by Frank Steele 4 replies
What types of affiliate products generate the best results? Ringtones, computer software, “How to Get Rich as an Affiliate” e-books ………….?
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    Web hosting, financial products, physical products like
    jewelry and such.
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    That's way too general of a question to get much useful response, because in addition to broad categories, individual offer response within the category vary wildly based on how strong the offer is.

    Browse the Clickbank Marketplace for most popular products in each category, browse Commission Junction offers to see what categories/offers have high promotion.

    The info you can gain from that will be better than what a few people list in this thread as their personal preferences/observations anyway.
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    (1) products that appeal to the buyer's vanity
    (2) products that promise to make the buyer money (which seems a highly saturated market right now)
    (3) scare products - things to help the buyer protect himself from global warming, the Illumenati, crashing economy, urban unrest, alien abductions, and nuclear winter
    (4) porn - probably the most profitable line of work
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    All great advice, thank you.
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