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No, I am not talking about outer space
or hitting the spacebar on your keyboard.

The space I speak of is the time and distance
that you strategically give to people.

One defintion of space is: the distance from
other people or things in order for a person
to remain comfortable.

Interval, duration, degrees, etc are some other
terms used when speaking of space.

In life, knowing when to give space to others
without their request is an interpersonal skill
we all must learn at some point.

Remember when you were dating that particular
person? You liked him or her a lot until you two
went on that certain road trip? Or you spent
an extensive amount of time together until that
inevitable argument.

In many cases, the issue is not lack of like, love,
or infatuation. The problem lies in the lack of space.
And in many cases, the problem IS lack of like. lol

What about that certain friend or family member?
Have you ever reached a point of real frustration
with a relative you love wholeheartedly? The heated
argument may be the result of opposing opinions or
disobedience. These battles though can be controlled,
prevented, or avoided when proper spacing is applied.

Space moderation can prove to be a quite useful talent.
Giving too much space may be just as ineffective as
not giving enough space.

In sports, the space you allow between you and your
opponent can be the difference between winning and

In work and in school, having the needed space between
the hustle sessions will help you prevent that disastrous

The space you give in dating or relationships can keep the
label of clinginess or overposessive far far away.

Ensuring the right amount of space between workouts is
crucial when you do not want your efforts to go in vain.

In network marketing, MLM, and in business overall,
the stated concepts are very relevant.

You do not want to suffocate your colleagues and partners
because then productivity will ultimately take a hit.

You do not want to be "out of Sight, out of mind". This is
called excessive space and opens up a chance for your
competition to steal your business.

A few specifics of proper spacing in business include:

Appropriate intervals in your email marketing. Unless
you are delivering life or death type of value then do
not send 7-10 emails a day. Top industry leaders send
out approximately 3-5 emails a week and avoid flooding
the inboxes of their readers.

Blog posting is at its best when thought out completely
and your subscribers are not being overwhelmed. The
reason is that if you attempt to post numerously throughout
the day then quality is sacrificed for quantity.

Article marketing, video marketing, and prospecting are not
much different. Use your best judgement. It is like dating and
relationships. Know when to make them miss you and know
when to shower them with love. : )

To Your Success,
Rellie Lorenzo

For Personal Growth And Leadership Skills

For Training And Technology To Accommodate Your Talents
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