So I think I got implementing a blog down.

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Alright, Warriors any advise or help would be great, After reading a large amount of E-books and God-Like threads in the War Room I think Ive finally got what I should do down.

*Find a good keyword domain and pay hosting fees

1. Sign up with click bank

2. Find a decent selling product in a specific niche to become an affiliate of I'm thinking somewhere in entertainment because I have a bit of personal experience with that but offer any other niches with high conversions please offer!.

3. Choose some key words for my product and research them using different key word tools arranging them from Largest volume with least amount of competition making notes of each.

4. Find an optimized WordPress theme for my blog, and maybe add some Adsence stuff for a potential bit of extra profit.

5. Write a few content articles for my blog (all keyword rich), probably in a review style to get those buyers who are researching the product before they buy and maybe some general ones to get customers who may not know of the product but are interested in the niche.

6. Write other articles, 10-15 of course keyword rich, recommending my site with links, use an article re-writer to turn those 10-15 into about 100 different 'unique' key-word rich articles.

7. Launch my site !

8. Post my articles to the good Article directories! (I'm Familiar with Ezine but any other ones your recommend would be helpful!)

9. SEO time, Join niche related forums with my link, post in other niche related blogs, distribute RSS links (which I here are good for getting to the top), socialy bookmark my site on the top 20 social book marking sites. Link exchanges, create face book and myspace acount, maybe make a few powerpoint-video hybrids and post them onto youtube, basically backlinks backlinks backlinks!

10. List-building time, Ill try and buy the rights to niche related e-books, and offer them up as free giveaways inexchange for name and email (I have no Idea how to do this technology wise).

11. Then I use analytics to help optimize and see where my traffic is coming from to try and focus on it and try to keep some good backlink continuing over the next couple months.

12. Let the money roll in! (Hopefully)

And then the first path in my journey to internet empire will be layed!

So any steps I missed, I think Im missing something in research since Ive really been focusing on SEO, which has been my greatest concern, and even if I dont get the volume or the sales I want I could probablt turn a pretty penny selling the site to someone else.

Also Im sort of 15 (I'd rather make websites then flip patties) and have a limited budget of about $150 in my pay-pal account, so do you think I could make a website with only that?
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    Out of 432 people nobody has a sentence of advise?
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    $150 will do you just fine if you spend it wisely. All you really need is hosting, a domain & an autoresponder. Once your making profit you can then spend on outsourcing & additional learning material if you wish.

    It seems like you've got most of the puzzle pieces, I'd focus heavily on keyword research though. Cross reference with various tools and find phrases with 30+ daily searches and low competition (I like to go for under 1000 results using "allintitle:keyword" - But adjust as needed).

    Also, remember to do general market research as well as competitor research. You can find plenty of info through searching this forum i'm sure. But the main points you need to cover are:

    - Who is my target customer (profile them, in detail!. In the golf niche for example "people who like golf" will not do.)

    - Who are my competition? - Who's using google adwords, who's got the top natural ranking for my keywords etc.

    - What are my competition doing? - What are they selling, how are they selling it?

    - Where are the customers going? - Not just your competitors sites, but what forums, blogs etc.

    Thats my first point. The second is provide valuable content. This is a MUST. Visitors are more savvy that people tend to give them credit for, if you look like you're just trying to sell them something they'll probably hit back. Give them more valuable content than they can handle and they'll bookmark your site & come back later to read more.

    As for number 4 - I'd probably solely promote affiliate products and avoid adsense, you don't want your visitors clicking out before you make the sale. However test & see what works best for you, everything's dynamic.

    number 5 - Article rewriters tend to turn out garbage, be careful, because you need to make sure your content's absolute quality.

    Number 8 - I just use Ezine, though i hear Buzzle & GoArticles are also rather good too.

    Number 9 - Remember not to spam blogs & forums or you'll get banned. Keep your link to the signature. Also, all the content you use to get backlinks, make it uber high quality & you'll get lots of natural links to that content & your site as well. Oh & don't try to do too many things at once or it'll either be all half-baked, or you'll burn out. Focus on one thing at a time, once you've got it down, add another traffic stream.

    Everything else looks okay. My main points are Quality content, and correct research. I can't stress that enough - it'll save you banging your head later when you've spent time & effort marketing crap content, for the wrong keywords.

    All in all though - you look like you've got everything you need to get started

    Good luck, and never stop. The day you stop could be the day you would have made it BIG.

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    Im extremely ashamed of my this triple post, but I'm my knees begging for advise. Maybe im just to impatient
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    Don't worry, i snuck in there just before
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    Thanks for the Post, ill use it carefully!
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    Np - If you have any other questions, feel free to shoot me a pm

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