Why Do People "Steal"? Do You Protect Your Work As a Vendor?

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I often see people using paid or given products on wrong basis.
Like if you buy a ebook and then share the information. Share bought videos and other stuff.

I believe that people do this because
  1. They don't check the license
  2. They are A**holes
  3. They don't understand the license
  4. There is no license
So whose fault is it that this happens? Is it because the vendor dose not take extra precautions when delivering their product or is just the way it works?

I think that we all need to collaborate and make this work, we need to be a team. I understand that if somebody steels the product they will not care but I'm talking about the people that actually do care.

Just think if your work would be shared for free everywhere.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this.

Take Care,
Max Oso
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    Max, what do you mean by "steal"? Why do people do it (say download ebooks). I think its just because its easy. Although I wouldn't think (use the ebook example) it really impacts sales that badly. I mean, books aren't expensive and its painful to read in front of the computer screen.
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      I mean more in general, where is the problem. buyer/vendor
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