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by Shlomi Khutoretsky 3 replies
i was searching the net for some content for my site
i need some kindof a database or something similiar so i can dump into my site so i can provide better service for the users

now i cant provide nothing special, the name itself talks about pc drivers, i dont want it to be a text only site. i want it to be what the name say it is, then i can see some profits from it, i am sure of it.

if somone have an idea or some direction he can help me with i will be very thankful

thanks a lot

shlomi k.
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    do you mean some where to host your website?

    I am looking for ad swaps pm me if you are too!

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    • lol, no

      i need a way to feel it up with drivers without wasting time on doing it manualy

      shlomi k.
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        Wow that's quite a niche to get into, but I really don't think this is the place to find something like that, as this is a marketing forum.

        I could be wrong though.

        You could also try Scriptlance or Digital Point, and see what is available.

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