Do you always try the product before promoting?

by Jaz
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I'm listening to a podcast and they say people should always try their product before selling the item.

Do people try everything before promoting them? I could see that it is very important for someone that has been in the industry for a while and knows the market and the people. However, if you are just starting out, I can't see my self doing it on all of the items.

I could be wrong. I heard the George Forman grill didn't take off until he was at a trade show and took a bite out of a burger. However, I can't see all of the people on the commercials on TV buying the products they are advertising. I was wondering what other people are doing.
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    I personally only delve into products that I already have an interest in developing further. I am very hesitant about adding any new products to my product line until they are thoroughly tested. Now in my case, I sell software, so it is essential that I don't offer sub-standard products, as it could damage my credibility with my flagship products.
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    I will ALWAYS want to see the product I'm going to promote first. My guess is that most people don't review products before promoting as they want the quick buck. I recently asked for a review copy from someone who I guess considers himself a big name in my niche. I was ignored but continued to receive affiliate emails in his autoresponder series with tools, tips, and exaggerated claims of huge earnings.

    No way I'm going to promote crap to my list.
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    If you value your credibility, it's always a good idea to buy the product before promoting.

    Should it be less than stellar (read that as crap), ask for a refund. If it is better than good, promote it.

    P.S. I only buy info products that increases my knowledge and complements my business. That way if the product is great, I know I can recommend it to my list and not have it come back and bite me.
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    I wouldn't dream of pushing something I hadn't seen for myself, for 2 reasons:

    1. It's plain unethical.
    2. If you know the product then you can more easily sell the product. The blurb will flow naturally. And "I actually bought this product and freakin' LOVE IT" is always a seller.

    Most Clickbank stuff is around $30 - it's worth it to be in the unassailable position of authority.
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