What needs to be got right for selling to be a lot easier than many people think it is...?

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So many people I work with struggle to confidently put their sales training in to practice. I don't believe selling is as hard as many people think, or even say, it is. (Yup, that was me as well, some years ago!).

So what, in your opinion & experience, needs to be 'got right' for people involved in selling to feel it can be, and is, easier than it may seem today... so that they can confidently take their performance to the next level?

I've also posted the same question on LinkedIn, so if you want to see what's being said there, you can click on this link -> What needs to be got right for selling to be a lot easier than many people think it is...? | LinkedIn Answers | LinkedIn

I'll be sharing what I think are the best comments from LinkedIn right here on this thread on WF.


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    The biggest... and possibly most difficult... thing for
    people to learn is to not become emotionally attached
    to outcomes.

    Our "job" as salespeople is to present all relevant info
    so the prospective buyer can make a decision for the
    right reasons... no matter what that decision is.

    I don't want people missing an opportunity because
    they decided against it for the wrong reasons and I certainly
    don't want people to buy from me for the wrong reasons.
    That just leads to refund requests.

    So... when it's all said and done all we can do is present
    our offer in the best possible light... honestly... and let the
    buyer decide. The trick is to never be too up or too down
    no matter what they decide.

    Nothing is ever is good or as bad as it seems in the moment.

    If you knew what I know you'd be doing what I do...
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