How do I publish an article from Ezines to my Blog?

by Ouroboros 7 replies
If I do a simple "cut and paste" will the links remain active (as per their TOS)?

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    Why don't you just use the rss feeds they provide and set your blog up to automatically grab new stuff from them and ping and bookmark the new posts.

    That way you'll get their feed which will have the formatting they set so no TOS problems and you never have to cut and paste (or do anything) to get the content onto your blog.


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      That would work, but I'm only interested in specific, quality articles on a one off basis.


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        That's not something I do myself. I would just pay someone to write them rather than mess around go back and cutting and pasting duplicated content from somewhere like that.

        I'm sure you can check their TOS and cut and paste til your hearts content.

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          heck out their tos first rather than just going ahead.
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    I am not sure I got what you mean but it depends on your HTML editor. Cut and paste process is quite messy. I will copy the article and tidy it up using HTML editor just to make sure it look fine before posting.
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  • Steve,

    When you view an article on EZA, there's a link on the top right hand side that says: "ezine publisher". When you click that, you'll get plain text and html versions of the article, which you can copy/paste into your blogging software's editing window.

    I prefer grabbing the html version and pasting into the 'html editor' view in wordpress. After I paste, I then switch to the WYSIWYG view and do some bolding, highlighting, etc.

    I do this for my own best performing articles though, so I'm not sure if it's OK to do this 'polishing' for someone else's articles even if you leave the resource box intact and the text 100% identical.


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      Hi Steve,

      This is what I do:

      Copy and past the article into notepad, then copy and paste from there into your html page.

      Whatever you do, do not use MS Word because it will add all kinds of formatting you don't want.

      Remember to keep the resource box intact. You will have to manually do the active hyperlinks because all html is stripped out by notepad.

      Hope this helps

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