Any other payment processor to offer a WSO

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Hi Warrior,

Is there any other way than paypal to offer a WSO?

Actually I was so excited the other day that my site was on first page of google. I know for some people it is usual thing. But believe me I was very much excited and I came up with this report.

The main motivation behind this is the warrior's advice and suggestion, that makes me work hard and I got the result also.

I am so curious to launch this report for warriors, which is very specially written for warriors only. If I cannot able to make a WSO then I think I have to rewrite and launch for the general public.

I am no genius or master of any thing or even I cannot write good English, but I am sure people can understand what I am saying, but my excitement is so high.

I had just shared my expereince of day by day work that I did to bring my brand new web site on first page of google. It is very short report of only 7 pages but it is 100% real. It is also my first baby.


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    My friend uses 2CO for his WSOs. No problem.
    Kevin Riley, Kevin Riley Publishing, Osaka, Japan

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    Even if you don't have a paypal account, you can still use a credit card, and use paypal as your payment processor to pay for posting a wso.

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      Originally Posted by BIG Mike View Post

      Hello Amer,

      Let me offer a suggestion to you - based on your comments above. Since you achieved this milestone with the helpful advice and suggestions here, why not offer the report for free as a way of "Giving Back" to the members?

      Use it to build a list of people interested in this type of information - it's a good trade off if you're not able to use PayPal or similar payment processors right now.

      One other question - how many times have you been able to replicated this method to get sites on page one of Google? And how long did they remain on page one?
      You are right Mike, this kind of offer is also in my list. By this way I can thank Warriors plus I can also get more suggestion on my work.

      But let me give some thing to warriors back, I will go with your suggestion.

      About your question, to be honest this is first time I aimed something and achieved. This is just brand new site with my brand new excitement since only two days its on first page, I will monitor for rest of the month and see.

      OMG! I got another idea while I am writing to you, I should offer a JV with some expert marketer, by a flat price of $100 and he will have all PLR writes for this report to sale and keep all money. Lol

      To Warriors

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