What Is The Best Way To Search For A Domain Name In A Competitive Market

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I'm trying to pick a domain name in a vary competitive market
what software programs or online services are the best.
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    Nameboy and NameTumbler are two that can help.

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    Just make your domain name as keyword rich as possible. Take the keyword that has the highest search volume with the lowest competition. That's just what I would do!
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    Use long tail keywords (3 or more) Look for the highest search volume and least amount of competition. The keywords are your domain name.
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    Freshdrop.net was my ultimate free tool with Pro options which I was considering to subscribe to at one point. Then they got greedy and took basic features out one by one in a very short amount of time to finally increase their pro pricing from 20 something dollars to 98!

    What such a service allows you is to basically search for and pick up an aged domain that has established traffic/backlinks. I, for instance, got internetmarketingblog.net from there for only about $13 (among other 80-100 similarly valuable domain names.)

    There is a free trial for 10 days or something.
    Or I am not sure, maybe they cancelled that as well.
    (As you can see I am very p*ssed about the whole thing.)

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    The keyword phrase I'm trying to target is already taken with a lot
    of alternatives to it to.

    I heard that .org domains compared to .info get's more conversions can
    someone confirm this.
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    Take your keyword list from the tool you use...say for example Google Keyword Tool.

    Go to GoDaddy. Pop the list of names in the bulk name buying section. Click .com. All the keyword terms that are available in the .com will show up. Others will have an error message. Do as desired for more terms and also look at the .org and .net.

    Simple,free and fast.

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    I had many of the domains I checked for availability at Godaddy picked up (in a matter of hours) by their "buddies" (companies who bought search logs from godaddy to register any/all search domains to check if they generate traffic, with an option to return them and get paid in full if returned in a few days) [a phenomenon called domain-tasting or domain kiting.] Go search for domaintasterssuck.com and it may be picked up by one of them.

    Don't ever use Godaddy for domain research.
    There are several tools to generate domains with the specified keywords (like if you give keyword marketing, it can generate domains like marketingcenter, marketingbuzz, marketinghall, marketingsite, marketinghub etc. etc. and check all of them against whois for availability.)


    You say you are concerned with competition. So your main focus for what works in SEO today should be getting an established and aged domain instead. With your keywords in there it is all the more merrier.

    - Chief Executive Philosopher

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    I heard that to about Godaddy thanks for warning me. Any other tools
    besides the ones mentioned if not I will just use them.
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    FYI - domain tasting was killed by ICANN last year.

    Best tips: .com only, 20 chars or less, no hyphens, no numbers

    Try here as well: Domain Name Search and Suggestions - MakeWords.com

    Just assume the absolute best domains are already taken, but you can almost always find some variation that works for you.

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      Depending on the site you're creating, you don't need to have the entire keyword in the domain name. You can have different sites (or blog posts) rank for those keywords by adding the keywords to the URL.

      That's why I would take a popular keyword in your niche (say 'fishing') and search for it in GoDaddy Auctions. There are heaps of bargains there and you're probably going to pick up a domain name in your niche with existing PR, existing in-bound links and a higher domain age. Make sure you check that the site wasn't banned by Google (use the WayBack machine and Google site:[your URL] to see whether Google still has a register of indexed sites, if not, it could have been banned).

      Then buy the domain name for a bargain price (a lot of them sell of $9) and rank your key terms by adding them to the domain like this [YourURL]/long-tail-keyword.html and building more inbound links with your keyword in the anchor text.

      I did this recently and picked up a great domain name with PR 3 and over 180 inbound links I only needed to build a few links for my keyphrase to rank the site within a few days
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