Can wordpress do this....

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Hello Warriors,

I am using drupal on one of my sites and its better suited to a wordpress theme.... however I have adverts on pages and the URLs are all like this

Can I get wordpress to produce exactly the same urls?


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    There are a lot of Wordpress plugins that will do this for you. One I use is called Pretty Link. It can turn any "ugly" URL, even one not on your domain, into
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      In Wordpress Admin, go to settings>permalinks. Click custom structure and add in the box:



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        Originally Posted by koolphoto View Post

        In Wordpress Admin, go to settings>permalinks. Click custom structure and add in the box:


        Setting the permalinks will only cover the "posts" into that format. To change "pages" to end in .html you will need a plugin. (Just search 'pages to .html' in the plugins area).

        Not sure if you are using pages or posts in Wordpress, but either way you are covered.

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    Here are complete instructions for porting Drupal to WP 2.7 (I know it's older, but worst case you just migrate to 2.7 and then upgrade WP after):
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    wow thanks for the great replies well handy!

    I am still in 2 minds about converting to wordpress... drupal is doing an ok job and is ok just the themes are a bit dull so I might try and tweak one.... hmmmm

    Also drupal is never easy to upgrade but hey ho I am sure I will suss it out!

    Cheers again the warriors come out on top again!

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      In the permalinks all you need is the /%postname% . I'm not sure you need to add the .html behind it. Usually your webserver determines if it is html or php, and will choose the right format. I'm using Wordpress and the /%postname% works on both pages and posts.
      I give you a lot of credit using Drupal! I've tried to figure out that interface numerous times, and Wordpress is just so much easier to manage (in my opinion) and the upgrades literally takes seconds to do.
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    I've tested using .html on the end of my pages, and for whatever reason they do rank slightly better.

    Wordpress v Drupal, I side with Wordpress for most things, but Drupal does seem to be a lot better for community management.

    I guess it depends on what type of site you want to it to be in the long run.
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    If you're already set up for drupal I'd just make a different front end for it. Find a wordpress theme you like, and model your drupal front end around it. To me it just seems like it'd be easier than having to deal with setting up a whole new system and figuring out how to get it to all turn out the same.
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    Just redirect your old links to your new ones, I am sure there's a wp plugin for that. Worpress is so much better, make the change.
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