I only wanted to start a real converation!!!

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But my threads keep getting deleted. Let's do more then ask a questions. Push the limit, state your words of wisdom and whats on your mind and lets make this the best, most exciting thread working this Marketing Discussion Forum Section. Tell us all what you think and lets see how long we can keep this thread up and how many replies we can get. I might be charged with exciting a riot but let's make it worth it.

Look, no WSO links, no website addresses, no free stuff for an email address to increase the size of my list. Nothing but words. Let's only see what you have to say. Please keep your finger off the the Report Post Button. I will reply to every post. Thanks for reading
#converation #real #start #wanted
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    There are plenty of conversations going on here. It's not as though you walked into a party where everyone was parked in front of the TV, eating Cheetohs and saying nothing.

    You might be well served to sit back and watch how things work for a while.

    Stop by Paul's Pub - my little hangout on Facebook.

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