A Very Special "MESSAGE" for WARRIORS!

by Mohsin Rasool 21 replies
Hi Warriors,

You are really special people!
You are supporting or trying to support yourself and your family...
You are helping others to become successful just as you...

Your attitude to HELP yourself and others MAKES you very SPECIAL.
I just wanted to write you a special MESSAGE , yes to you only!

You know, old wisdom has named nothing as Wealth but Health!

When we work in Internet Marketing, when we work from home,
when we work for ourselves, we sometime become very vulnerable
as far as our health is concerned.

So I wanted to ask you, that are you taking ENOUGH care of your health.

Yes, please ask these questions to yourself...
1. Are you taking enough REST?
2. Are you taking enough SLEEP?
3. Are you taking enough BREAKS?
4. Are you doing enough EXERCISE?

We sometime when working for ourselves forget to take REST,
forget to take enough SLEEP, forget to do enough EXERCISE...

If you are not doing this already you are going to damage your health,
and you know what? Ultimately this will damage your business empire..

So please take ENOUGH care of yourself so that you can take Enough care
of your Online Ventures....

I wanted to write more about this, but i think I have conveyed my message,
short but direct.... so i close this message here.

Thank you for your time!

Mohsin Rasool
PS. I wish you happy, healthy and of course wealthy life!
PPS. Senior Warrior Friends please contribute some tips that how a starting
Internet Marketer can work in IM without damaging his/her health. Specially
when they are working from home...
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