A Very Special "MESSAGE" for WARRIORS!

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Hi Warriors,

You are really special people!
You are supporting or trying to support yourself and your family...
You are helping others to become successful just as you...

Your attitude to HELP yourself and others MAKES you very SPECIAL.
I just wanted to write you a special MESSAGE , yes to you only!

You know, old wisdom has named nothing as Wealth but Health!

When we work in Internet Marketing, when we work from home,
when we work for ourselves, we sometime become very vulnerable
as far as our health is concerned.

So I wanted to ask you, that are you taking ENOUGH care of your health.

Yes, please ask these questions to yourself...
1. Are you taking enough REST?
2. Are you taking enough SLEEP?
3. Are you taking enough BREAKS?
4. Are you doing enough EXERCISE?

We sometime when working for ourselves forget to take REST,
forget to take enough SLEEP, forget to do enough EXERCISE...

If you are not doing this already you are going to damage your health,
and you know what? Ultimately this will damage your business empire..

So please take ENOUGH care of yourself so that you can take Enough care
of your Online Ventures....

I wanted to write more about this, but i think I have conveyed my message,
short but direct.... so i close this message here.

Thank you for your time!

Mohsin Rasool
PS. I wish you happy, healthy and of course wealthy life!
PPS. Senior Warrior Friends please contribute some tips that how a starting
Internet Marketer can work in IM without damaging his/her health. Specially
when they are working from home...
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    Good post Mohsin,

    To add to it, I think everyone should remember why they did IM
    in the first place and maybe, who they did it for.

    Money's the bonus when we succeed in what we want to achieve.

    Even though wealth is important, don't forget the main reason and the
    real reason why you stepped into IM.

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    Mohsin. Brilliant post as usual

    If you work 20 hours a day and sleep for 4 there is no way you're going to be as productive as you want. Plus You'll become an anti-social outcast.

    Personally I'd rather a million friends then a million dollars, and health is exactly the same.
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      Originally Posted by MarkMcDonald View Post

      Mohsin. Brilliant post as usual
      Personally I'd rather a million friends then a million dollars, and health is exactly the same.
      And each friend will happily give you one dollar, so you can accumulated that million dollars as well



      You are so right my friend. Health is indeed wealth.
      Exercise is very important for IMers because we
      sit so much and body (except the fingers) is not very
      active for most part of the day.

      walk 30-45 mins everyday and you will surely feel
      a difference. it will also help in eliminate those
      tension headaches
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      • Profile picture of the author Greg Cooksley
        Hey Mohsin,

        Thanks for your good wishes.....

        It's a good reminder that exercise is vital to our well being....Unfortunately,
        we tend to take our bodies for granted and it's only when we
        become seriously ill that we get a wake up call.

        Hope it comes back to you in heaps Mohsin....

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      i agrea, work rest and play u have to compromise it.
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    • Profile picture of the author Peter Bestel
      Originally Posted by Imran Naseem View Post

      Self explanatory really and common sense.
      Imran you're right, it is common sense, but let's not forget that common sense isn't necessarily common practice.

      Nice post Moshin.

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      • Profile picture of the author pgreenwo
        A great question! I came across this tip in another blog...it appeared so easy to do, but when I started using it I found it was harder than it looked - and much more powerful.

        I started using it for my work, and then when I was sat at my desk at the weekend I realised it wasn't just about work:

        The $2.5 Million Dollar Tip

        New Era - Just around the corner!

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    Balance. Even too much of a good thing can be bad. A little of everything but not too much of any one thing. Can apply to work, food, play, sleep...

    Thanks so much for this post.
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    • Profile picture of the author jem
      Excellent reminder! I always think exercise and taking the time to prepare proper meals rather than some microwave number will be wasted time I could be working. However, the days I start with a healthy breakfast and some exercise I get so much more done.

      I'm still working on justifying breaks lol. When I'm at home I feel like I need to be working on something!
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    Great post Mohsin, you are right we have to take care for ourselves first before we care for others.
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  • Profile picture of the author Bruce NewMedia
    Mohsin, this is a good post - thanks!....

    I find if I get enough sleep then I'm fine and can work as hard as I need to. Without adequate sleep I can barely function.
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    After reading the thread title, I got excited. Then I got my towel, and got myself ready for a full hour of complete bliss in relaxation, tranquil music and talented hands.

    Webster really screwed up when he gave the word "massage" two different meanings.

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  • Profile picture of the author Mohsin Rasool
    Hi All,

    Thanks for posting your thoughts and tips!

    I am glad that Warriors are taking care of their businesses as well as their HEALTH.

    If someone need more encouraging advice about taking proper care of your
    health while doing own business.... I suggest you read first four Letters
    by the legend Gary Halbert written by him to his son....

    Here are exact URLs for the letters you need to read..
    He will touch on Exercise and Diet in his own unique way..


    Also watch one video by Eban
    his concept and assignment of developing
    (creating) routine for MORNING is awesome..
    here is the URL

    Best Wishes,
    Mohsin Rasool
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    You made me think of this one Mohsin. I'm a workaholic person, currently I'm having a double job full time at night and part time every morning. I got an idea after reading your thread. I believe everyone here deserve to unwind and relax..

    Let's start now Warriors.
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    Hi Mohsin, great post

    health is the most precious gift that you can have in life

    hope to meet you again at the next seminar

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    Learning so much makes me hurry things up.

    I keep forgetting that I should have a balanced Health through good exercise, proper rest, and a good night sleep which is a necessary element for success.

    Moshin, thanks! You are special warriors!

    ~Omar ;-)
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    • Profile picture of the author Chri5123
      Thanks for the post Mohsin,

      Made me feel good!

      I wish you every success.

      All the best

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