What do you need for video marketing?

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Hello Every One,

We have a very successful B2B site which acts as a marketplace to buy and sell content ( programmes), that are used for various platforms like tv, cinema, hotels, cruice, etc. Basically, its a marketing tool to enhance the productivity of content buyers and sellers in the media industry. We are the first in the world to offer this service to the the industry.

We spent a lot of money and resources to build up the site from scratch. The site is sitting on a very specialized and powerful content delivery network which enables super fast streaming of the video content....that we are paying 4 figure sum monthly. Basically, the media industry need to see this trailers fast and with minimum buffering....CNN is our client because of this!!

It seems video is a big part of internet marketing.
We now want to offer internet marketers our resources and strategic capability.
We want to make sure that we cover and offer as much as possible... so I need your help.

What is the biggest problem that you have with Videos?
What can a site with super streaming speed, self uploading system, auto encoder, etc do for you?

Please feel free to be as detailed as possible.
And, don't be afraid to ask what you may think is a silly question.

Hopefully with your input we can create something that will benefit all Warriors.

Thanks for your input guys!

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