USFreeads and Amazon.

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USFreeads have a list of items that they will not accept ads for.

One of these is anything to do with Amazon. But what if you are placing an ad for a blog, and the landing page has a link to an Amazon product?

Would this breach their t & c's? Or would it be OK to do this?

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    Hi sonnyboy

    US free ads won't accept credit cards debit cards, pharmaceutical pills, casino, poker, games software etc. for online selling. You can put all the selected amazon product in your blog i.e. wordpress, or blogspot etc. or pick a product that is giving high commission for the sale. Put redirecting script that directed to the amazon product.

    Place a featured ad about your blog which is costing $40,but the conversion is high. This won't breach the terms and condition of both amazon as well usfreeads.
    Try it
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    why not try it out? I really doubt they would ban you,they'll just delete the ad.
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      Originally Posted by helptobiz View Post

      why not try it out? I really doubt they would ban you,they'll just delete the ad.
      Well this is the statement on their site : We DO NOT accept any ads for anything related to any of the above under any circumstances.

      If you post ads relating to any of the above, YOUR ACCOUNT WILL BE DELETED without warning.

      You may well be right, helptobiz, but would you take the chance.

      netbank4all, thanks for the info. I will give it a go.
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