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Hey gang,

Just wanted to send out a big "Thanks" to a few Warrior Forum members.

1st of all, HUGE THANKS to my buddy, offline guru, and personal friend of Chef Todd (lol) Tim Castleman.

I was having a bunch of trouble with having WAY too many "posers" (i.e. - people who want something for nothing and never wanna buy) on my list. Tim gave me a MONSTER idea that I implemented over the past couple weeks and went live with today. The result has been a DRASTICALLY smaller - but MUCH MORE RESPONSIVE - list. And a decent chunk of change in sales today (which is still growing) as a result of a new campaign I decided to implement in conjunction with Tim's idea strategy.

2nd of all, I want to thank the Rhodes Bros. and Jason Fladlien.

I met them all at the Warrior Forum meetup last year, and they were all nice enough to take plenty of time helping virtually anybody who was interested in picking their brains...including me. (Not to mention they've been willing to answer questions for me via email and PM.) I learned elements of copywriting from Jason that I'm still implementing and using today, and just *one thing* learned from the Rhodes Bros I've used so many times (including in a big way w/the new campaign I used in Tim's idea mentioned above) that it's saved me more time than I could even imagine.

So thanks to the Rhodes Bros, Jason Fladlien, and esp my boy Tim Castleman.

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