Argh - what happened to my PR?

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Hi all,

I have a blog whose front page has consistently been a 4/10 PR for the past year or so. There is a sub-section in the site which appears #6 in search results (it was #1 but I was on geocities and can't 302 from there, but that's another story) which has been highly ranked as well.

Anyway, I've noticed that my PR on the main page has fallen to 2/10, from 4/10. The subsection is now 0/10 (for a #6 on the front page!).

Would moving hosts cause that to happen? I recently switched from one shared hosting service to another, but I'm not sure if that was about the time that I noticed the PR drop or not.

I also sell TLA links, but I figure that if big-G knew about that and was penalizing me, PR would go to 0 and not 2.

I know that PR isn't everything, but it is a curiosity for me. I'm thinking it might be the hosting change, but I wanted to see what you guys thought?

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