How to increase rankings on search engines?

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How to increase rankings on search engines?

I have been asked by somebody to investigate how to get more 'hits' from search engines like Google. How does one optimize their web page so they may be listed as the first result?
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    While there are plenty guidelines on this forum, if you search for it - I can HIGHLY recommend StomperNet2. Just do a Google search on StomperNet2 and pay for the Shipping and Handling. You will learn more from that free product than anything else you get advise on.

    Go to the people who KNOW and TESTED what they will teach you. Not to say that any advise you will receive here in unqualified but simply to give you best resource.

    The WordPress Spotter - blog that teaches you all you need to know about WordPress
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    Alex is right - Stomping The Search Engines 2 is pure gold. It cost me less than $10 for S&H, and you get a copy of their new monthly trade journal (only "catch" is that you'll be rebilled for future issues unless you cancel, but they have StomperNet: CancelNetEffect for cancellation, so it isn't hard to cancel, if you wish to do so).

    The basic idea is this, though - for non-competitive keyword terms, your on-page factors can get you rankings . . . ie, keyword in your title, meta description, and in your content. For the more competitive terms, it's about incoming links (ie, the anchor text of the link [the words in the link]).

    Google's algorithm is based more on off-page factors, but again, with low competition terms you may not even need any incoming links, and you can gain your position solely by on-page factors.

    SEO isn't hard, there's just sort of a lot of information to go over, at first. I would definitely second Alex's recommendation.
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    The search engines ranks any site by its content if you have a valuable content on you web then it will be ranked well.
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      create a blogg and write articles that provide valuable content in a specific niche market.

      Please do not use affiliate links in signatures

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      First, research your keywords, and make sure you are using the right phrases.

      Then, keep these facts in mind:
      1. pages rank, not domains
      2. 1 page can rank 1 (or possibly 2 words), but not more
      3. think deep, not wide. Specialize in a niche, and be the best at that niche, covering all aspects of it.
      4. Forget ranking on a single word, instead, rank on a series of phrases that talk about your single word.

      Let's use the root phrase of "snake oil"

      And say we have decided on a very short list of related words:
      snake oil formula
      how to make snake oil
      snake oil benefits
      purchase snake oil
      snake oil store city, state
      etc (up to 100)

      Ok, so you've decided to create a page for "snake oil formula" as the phrase. Here is how you rank THAT page:

      1. the <title> tag should contain the phrase, and be unique to all other titles
      2. use the structural tags, not styled tags, (<h1> instead of <font size="18">)
      3. use your key phrase in the various structural elements: <h1>, <h2>, <h3>, <p>, <img src="/image1.jpg" alt="snake oil formula">, <strong>, <em>, <ul>,<dl>, etc Just use the phrase, and variations of it in your page.
      4. Link from your homepage, to the snake-oil-formula.html page like this: <a href="/snake-oil-formula.html">snake oil formula</a>, don't link using images
      5. on the "snake-oil-formula.html page, link back to your home page like this: <a href="full url goes here">snake oil</a> do not use "click here" or "home" (on any link, anywhere)
      6. Repeat for all of your phrases, making sure that all pages are linked together using the key phrases.
      7. Make sure each page has a picture or two.

      Your on page SEO is complete, now do your off page SEO:

      8. Get a blog site on a different domain, write several good articles, use the keywords in your blog posts to link back to your real site.

      9. Write teaser articles that match the articles that already exist on your site. There should be a link and a reason to click the link back to your site, remember, use keywords to link back, not "click here".

      10. Post these teaser articles in places like GoArticles, or Ezine Articles

      If you have great content on your flagship domain, other people will link to you. If it's medicore content... there are 1,000,000,000 competitors. Stand out and offer something of value (like content).

      This is JUST the SEO - portion. Enjoy. To increase the effect, increase the content and the links.

      I have the Stomper2 DVD, it is pretty good... though it's very long lol.
      Phoenix, AZ Internet Marketing Consultant: (site edits, script installs, php/perl/mysql/xhtml/css coding, split testing, code troubleshooting, wordpress, link building, PPC management, Research, SEO & more for a small monthly fee.)
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