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Hi warriors,

I have been searching for a service which can provide me with the complete creation of an info product package. Basically writing an original ebook on my chosen niche, the sales copy, and the mini site graphics (plus whatever extras if available)

I can't seem to find much services like these and was wondering if anyone could help direct me to a few good ones that you might be using or have previously used.

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    Ha delete this thread if you can't find it and start the business yourself; I expect it in your signature tomorrow ;-) I don't know of a group that does this, but it shouldn't be that difficult to orchestrate through Elance. There are warrior that will write an ebook for $97, minsite would be $40, and the graphic would be $20-$50
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    Sorry but I do not know of a service that does this, but I am sure a search of Elance or may help you.

    I have recently been listening to some of Kevin Riley's stuff. He takes you through a simple step by step of doing it yourself. Check Kevin's site out at
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    Fellow Warrior beamer1959 (aka Donna) provides such a service.

    She has a WSO running right now

    but if that doesn't meet your needs just PM her.

    Hope this helps,


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    Originally Posted by Ben Chin View Post

    I have been searching for a service which can provide me with the complete creation of an info product package. Basically writing an original ebook on my chosen niche, the sales copy, and the mini site graphics (plus whatever extras if available)
    There are an awful lot of products out there which say to put all this stuff together and then sell the site on flippa.

    So I'm guessing that if you go to flippa...
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      Ben - having done this 12 times ourselves and coached many others through the process, let me make a few points...

      1. Anyone willing to do all of this (in a box) PROPERLY so that you get the best chance at having a top selling infoproduct will require several thousand dollars - roughly broken down like this...

      a) Niche market research and topic selection/positioning - $200
      b) Product Planning and Creation (research, writing, editing and packaging, graphics, etc...) - $600-$1000 depending on topic, degree of research and original content, etc...
      c) Copywriting - sales page creation - $500-$1000+ - seriously - a top selling sales page is KEY to making big money online, but decent to top rated copywriting costs money. Believe me, I have tried many < $500 copywriters and I can do a better job myself in a few hours, but top copywriters can be worth their weight in gold
      d) Operations person to put it altogether. Not only will you need a product and website, but you need an opt-in page, an autresponder sequence that sells (reason being websites convert at 2% or less while a proper opt-in page can convert at 10% or much higher - so you are better to have a cold traffic - squeeze page - subscriber - sales page funnel than just a bare sales page - factor another $500 or so for someone to get your payment processing, autoresponder, affiliate program, etc...setup.

      As you can see we are talking about a couple of thousand to really do this right - less if you are willing to take on some of the work and instead need a coach...up to you.

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    Well, I used a couple of products from the Internet Marketing Center to get my ebook created and website to sell it. I wrote up my ebook in Word, then converted to a secure ebook compiler called ebook pro. I used Bebiz to create the website to sell it. Salescopy, templates, payment using Paypal, optin box, ebook delivery are all included.

    Check out the links in my sig for more information. Those products really worked well for me which is why I chose to promote them.
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    I've gone from writing books myself to advising clients from editing to publishing and marketing on amazon to my favorite: organizing groups to create a book, movie or event in a couple of weeks. (I like the group model of putting together a book because you have a built in sales force of all the people who helped you create the book--- as long as you give them the right emails to send out to their contacts and an online community with helpful resources and offers.)

    One of my clients, a director of a national charity was thinking she needed to go through a big publisher for her book Twilight Wish Moments and was so glad the author she worked with used Lightning Source for her print on demand needs.

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    Hey Ben

    There are quality products that teach you just that. Here are two you can't go wrong with..

    Hope that helps

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