In JV Section, Do This Before Posting Ad Swap

by TiffanyLambert 2 replies
Hey Warriors!

I see so many ad swap offers in the JV section and most just say, "I have a list of #### and I'll swap for the same."

I'd like a little more information up front. Maybe I'm silly, but I'd hate to contact someone, find out that they wanted to blast about something I didn't want to blast my list about, and then have to say "Thanks but no thanks."

People get a little offended from time to time Or feelings get hurt. So to avoid that, it'd be great if you could add, "I have a short report about____ and I'd love to send it to you for your review. If you feel it's a good match for your list, then we can swap..." etc.

That at least weeds out part of the problem

I know some people blast whatever but I'm persnickety about what topics and quality of writing I recommend to my subscribers.
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