Does Anyone Do Redirect With EZA Campaigns Only?

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Hey Warriors!

Right now I'm immersed in a couple of projects - using Squidoo and blogs and testing my own methods compared to PotPieGirl and Craig Kaye's, etc.

But I started wondering if anyone had written some short guide etc about solely promoting CB or Amazon products using a domain with redirect and EZA only?

Everything I've read is all about linking to a lens or Hub or blog and then selling, utilizing EZA as a backlink basically. Since EZA ranks so well, I'm thinking I could, for instance:

Buy a domain on chicken coops for example, and hyperlink to a domain like (cheap route with a dot info domain) to an Amazon results page using my Associates ID OR to a ClickBank DIY guide.

You could test your conversions by just redirecting the domain elsewhere from time to time. Like try an Amazon results page for 100 views or clickthroughs and then swap it to a ClickBank product for 100 and so on. You wouldn't have to update your EZA at all - you could just redirect.

If it's been done, please direct me to a nice case study or guide. I'm just wondering why we even do the extra legwork of web 2.0 properties if we could dominate with an EZA only.

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    Funny that you should mention this, because I just recently started building quick campaigns using these same techniques to see what niches convert better than others. I just started this a week ago and plan on doing this for 5 niches. I don't have any results to let you know how it works, so I'll have to get back to you on this.

    People call this technique Bum Marketing...
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      I don't know of any guide, but I do direct linking occasionally (mostly just to test a new niche). I've tested it against sending visitors to my own sites and the conversion rate is nearly always lower redirecting though. You can't really do a proper presell on EZA whereas I always send my visitors to a review on my site. Of course it does depend on the niche - some niches need to be strongly presold more than others. One particular campaign I have using a redirect at the moment makes me a steady $500 a month with just 11 articles that I wrote about 6 months ago, so it does work.
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    I lot of people take their readers through the whole system in order to get subscribers to their list... However, I have had MUCH success doing simple domain forward/redirects and as a matter of fact my latest Easy CPA guide teaches a method based around that very technique.

    If you are involved in a niche that has a lot of impulse buyers than you should definitely consider giving this a go, even if it's just to test the waters...

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    Tiffany, a lot of marketers are doing it... including myself. In my experience it seems to be working better. Of course, the quality of sales page is even more important in such cases.
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      It hasn't worked well when I've tried it. And google seems to ignore redirects sometimes. I'll be interested in what you find, Tiffany!
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        I generally post short (250 - 300 words) articles to EZA and create a special page which are more more like extensions of my EZA articles and have links and banners to the sales page. In such cases I also make sure that the Resource Box in EZA is not more than a sentence long and have two anchor texts. Works good for me.

        But I have seen people redirecting to CB sales pages, don't know if that is agaisnst the TOS.

        I am sure you are going to test them all. Please do post the resuls so we all can benefit from it.
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          Appearantly it is ok to link from Ezine to any non-clickbank hop, even if the URL redirects to a hoplink.

          URL Forwarding can be done easily with Go Daddy.

          I'm wondering can one post an Amazon product link with their "Amazon Associate" stamp, or is Ezine onto that too?
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          Originally Posted by imintern View Post

          I generally post short (250 - 300 words) articles to EZA and create a special page which are more more like extensions of my EZA articles and have links and banners to the sales page. In such cases I also make sure that the Resource Box in EZA is not more than a sentence long and have two anchor texts. Works good for me.
          Can I jump in here and ask about the "special page" you create? Can this be a simple blogspot blog?


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    Hi Tiffany!

    Great idea! The bum marketing method definitely works and dot info is a nice touch.


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    Hi Tiff

    I have to say... that over the last few years.. the majority of my campaigns have moved to:

    Article -> Opt-in/Presell kind of process.

    It works much better for me in the long run to think about the list(s)


    There are times, during niche testing etc, where it is still worthwhile using a quick re-direct from content to product. Although, I have found that it takes my writers best content to make this work. It takes a very sneaky pre-sell in the EZA article to achieve worthwhile results...

    Without a gentle pre-sell in the ONLY content before the sales funnel, this method usually falls flat on its face...



    Bare Murkage.........

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      Tiffany, take this advice for what it's worth to you.

      If you're going to do direct linking, via a redirect, then you are going to need two things.

      1. A killer resource box that almost acts as a presell.
      2. A killer sales page that converts like gangbusters.

      You're essentially hitting a cold market and without a true presell system,
      as Jay said, Opt in and/or product review blog, you're at a big disadvantage.

      Also, you need to make sure that the keywords you're targeting are as close
      to actual "buyer ready" as possible.

      For example:

      "looking to buy <product>"
      "looking to purchase <product>"

      And so on.

      That will at least give you a decent chance to convert.
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    I have not yet tried bum marketing but have heard good things...anxious to see how it works out.
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