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by R.Rapp
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I have been searching around for a review plugin, and there are a couple of them that look good - all about the same price and nearly all of the same features more or less. Does anyone have any experience with any review plugins for a wordpress site (good or bad) that they can share so I can take that into account with a possible purchase?

Thanks in advance for any info you have!
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    No experience of using this, but as it's free I wondered if it might be worth comparing the features against the paid ones: WordPress › GD Star Rating WordPress Plugins

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    I did the research and for several weeks, I tested, demo'd, asked questions, and researched each plugin as much as I could. I have purchased 2 review plugins. The first one was www.wpreviewsite.com by Dan Grossman several months ago. I purchased it because I saw the potential in the script, but I never did anything with it, which was my own fault. It just wasn't what I thought it was. I had to put too much work into it in order to get reviews from people. It may sound lazy, but time it just too valuable to me. I needed more automation for what I wanted a review script to do. I purchased more on impulse than anything else.

    About a month ago, I purchased MyReviewPlugin after much research on other review scripts. I have been very pleased with it. I contacted each of the developers with a few general questions and Mark (the developer of MRP) got back to me very quickly and was very detailed in his answers.

    I purchased MRP for several reasons. I tend to look at features over cost to determine the value of something I want to buy. If I see the value and I think I can make money with it, cost (unless outrageous) is always second.

    - The features are amazing and they ALL work!
    - I can install it on any of my own domain names.
    - It comes pre-installed with plugins and themes.
    - SEO friendly
    - Imports very usable data, whether it's from YP or affiliate programs.
    - Development and improvements are ongoing.
    - Integrated Google Maps
    - Auto-generate Ratings & Comments
    - Comparison Tables
    - Included themes
    - Impressive and helpful support
    - It's very powerful. I can build a complete website in less than an hour that looks like it's been around for years.
    - I have yet to use all of the features, but I know they are there if I need them.

    I encountered some bugs that I got frustrated with when I first installed MRP, but Mark was always willing to help and fix what I pointed out. I feel like my suggestions only improve MRP, so I have no issues with pointing things out that don't work or could be improved. MRP is fairly new and Mark seems to be constantly improving MRP based on the almost daily builds that he releases. I like that A LOT! It makes me feel like I made a good decision to buy MRP and not just some script that is not improved because the developer thinks it's enough.

    Example Sites:

    I know that directory type sites work best if they are niche, so for my MRP sites, I decided to register localized domain names based on locations.

    Arkansas Internet Providers and Local Arkansas ISPs
    This was the first site I tested MRP on. I went through the set-up, imported relevant data from YP, and tweaked what I could while learning about everything that MRP could do. I also optimized the website and submitted it to search engines. This was my learning/test website and uses an older version of MRP
    Note: Now that I'm more familiar with MRP, I need to come back to this site and improve it.

    Results: I registered arkansasinternet.com on Jan 12, 2010. It is currently positioned #12 in Google (out of 32 million results) for it's main keyword "arkansas internet".
    Stats: 218 records imported and 2,400 auto-generated comments.
    Monetized: No
    Included theme: Yes

    Pennsylvania Tanning - Tanning Salons and Tanning Booths in Pennsylvania and Philadelphia
    This was the 3rd site I put MRP on. With each site, I was learning more about MRP and improving.

    Results: I registered pennsylvaniatanning.com on Jan 17, 2010. It is currently positioned #1 in Google (out of 800+ thousand results) for it's main keyword "pennsylvania tanning".
    Stats: 558 records imported and 1,085 auto-generated comments.
    Monetized: No
    Included theme: No

    Irvine Advertising Ad Agencies in Irvine California specializing in Direct Mail, Directories & Guides, Coupons, Internet Marketing, Outdoor Advertising, Promotional Products, and Transit Advertising
    Now that I'd installed MRP on several sites, I've spent most of my time on this one.

    Results: I registered irvineadvertising.com on Jan 29, 2010. It is currently positioned #5 in Google (out of 2.3 million results) for it's main keyword "irvine advertising".
    Stats: 1,746 records imported and 4,000+ auto-generated comments.
    Monetized: Yes (Freelancer.com affiliate ads)
    Included theme: No, but I highly recommend this theme. It's very clean and works well with MRP.

    So, MRP is my recommendation. I suggest you research yourself to find the best solution for you. MRP was the best solution for me and I feel it has the most value.

    Website: WordPress Review Plugin for Affiliates - MyReviewPlugin

    Good luck and let us know what you decide.
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      OMI, that post was a while back, and I was checking to see if MRP is still working well for you, and if so, if Mark is still providing support for the site. Thx,

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    Hi Rebecca,

    Dr. Andy Williams did a post on his EZSEO blog called The Best Rating & Review Plugin for Wordpress?

    You can find the post at:ezSEO Newsletter #266. The comparison is item #3 in the post.

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    John, that review left out MyReviewPlugin unfortunately.

    I'm with OMI and have to recommend MyReviewPlugin as the best plugin! I've been using it since Feburary on almost all my sites too!
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