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I'm sure it won't be the most lucrative way to set this up, but right now seems like my only option as I'm out of money for more domains and what not. I've got web hosting, a single domain name, and lots of time. Pretty much any and all awake time can be used for IM for the next few weeks at least.

I know I could do this with straight html, and probably could do it with straight html and multiple wordpress blogs on one domain. I might be able to do it with Joomla and multiple wordpress blogs. I want to know if I can do it with a single wordpress or joomla install though I'm looking at wordpress for the plugins. I'm not sure how plugins work if you're having to run multiple installs.

Ok, enough of that. What I want:
I want a landing page at the domain name with links to each niche.

Subdomains for each subniche, I think I have unlimited subdomains with gatorhosting.

Each subdomain is landing page for the niche with link back to the domain landing page as well as each product in the niche.

I am also considering a blog under each niche or at least the posibility of running one there if I want to. It needs to at least link back to the niche landing page.

Any suggestions on this type of setup?


Edit: Not even Joomla would work over subdomains would it?

Edit: I'm thinking I'm going to have to set multiple wordpress structures to do it like this. Since I don't really know wordpress, would it be better to use wordpress or just write the html like I know how to do? If wordpress would it be best to do multiple or single database? I'm not sure what difference it would make.

Any suggestions on what to do? I plan to take a nap as I've been up nearly 24 hours and want to start on reworking my site right away when I wake up. And if you suggest not going this way with it, what would you suggest with a domain of I don't feel confident to get int the IM niche being brand new and in the negative for it.

Thank you much
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    Sorry, I was hoping not to have to bump my own thread here, but I really wanted to get this up or at least started today. My problem is I just can't figure out a good way to set it up how I see it and want it. Does anyone have any ideas? Is it best to keep all your subdomain niches completely seperate from each other? Should they have the same style as each other for a kind of branding?

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    I fail to see how that helps me with my question
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      you could take a look at worpress MU
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    Why cant you choose a broader niche like "baby products", and review anything under the sun related to babies from the same blog.

    This will help with SEO as all backlinks come to the same domain name (and not a sub domain). If you manage to build a readership around your blog that would be even better as people will start to follow you through email and rss.
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    I guess I was wanting each subdomain as a mini site all linked together by the domain as a branding. I haven't found a wordpress template or what not that I like for the site unfortunately. I found one Affiliate from forest something or other that is close but not quite it either unfortunately. Might have to see about modifying it or something
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    Im needing the same thing with 60urls. Can anybody recommend something. Thanks
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    Not sure if this is what you want.

    - Root Joomla setup.
    - Create sections for your various sites within Joomla.
    - Use sh404sef to get the site to resolve URLs as domain/section/category
    - use .htaccess to domain2 to domain/section
    OR (mattering if that doesn't fly with your webhost)
    - alternately create folders & subdomains 2, 3 & 4 with index page that resolves to domain/section

    I think version 2 is more likely to create working URLs or subdomains. If it doesn't, then there get on the horn with gaterhosting. Your not the first person who needed this with them I'm sure and I've had tech people at hosting providers walk me through some very strange setups.

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