Affiliat marketing how to?

by aamcle
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I'm looking for something that will explain from first principles (I'm a noobe) affiliate marketing.

What are the pro's n con's ? What can you sell, anything real or just ebooks/articles etc?

Is it long term or just snatch n grab?

Thanks aamcle
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    Well without going to much detail, Here is a video explaining Affiliate Marketing.

    Basically, you can make affiliate marketing a long term method, many people choose affiliate marketing to get started with making money. Hope that helps.
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      Affiliate marketing is a very real business model, one
      that I have modeled much of my business around.

      My golden rule:

      Find what people want or need and give it to them.

      I create mini sites targeting products and services
      and then link to them, I really like Halloween ;-)

      Last year I sold thousands of costumes and did
      very well, I will add however that you can (and I do)
      target numerous products that sell year round.

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        One of the best resources (free) is to take the Thirty Day Challenge.
        This is typically held in August.
        However, the lessons are up all year for us.

        I am a Wealthy Affiliate member, have been since 2007 and take the challenge every year.
        It really is brilliant!


        Inside Wealthy Affiliate
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