is twitter method not for moreniche?

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I am one of the members of moreniche, I didnot make sale due to the prize of the product is nearly $300, if one sale is made, I can expect the decent commission, I tried well but I could not make the sale.

I tried the below twitter method to make sales.
1. I head over to google, and I changed the setting as 10 results to 100, then I typed - lida "" it gave me 100 results, I pressed Ctrl+A and copied the whole page. lida "" is just an example.

2. Pasted to Free web based email address extractor from text and extracted the email address only. saved it in a note pad.I log in to my twitter account, clicked find people, and invite by email. After a second

3. I saw my account that I am following 20 and 2 following me. I started this process for 1 hour, now I got more than 30 followers and I am following 515.

4. Then I opened I select most followers profile, and clicked follow to those members. I did the same for only 10 minutes, my following changed to 601 and followers of mine is 35.

5. I got some good clicks but I could not make even a single sale in moreniche.... if I used the same method for adsense, I could have made some good income.

I don't know why this happened...? any one has got payment from moreniche? any one tried these type of methods?

suggest me....!
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