Outsourcing 50 Articles to Video A Week - Cost?

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Does anyone who has done this (or any freelancers reading this) know a ball park of how much I could expect to pay for 50 videos per week, about a minute-90 seconds long with voice narration? Interested to see any going rates/experience in the past. Just put a bid on a free lancing site, waiting for bids in the mean time
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    How long are the original articles?

    Are the complete articles intended to be translated to video?

    Do you need audio?

    What are you looking for aesthetically? Something simple like a solid-color background with the copy fading in/out?

    If you can provide some of those details, I can give you a much better idea.

    YouTube - IMVideoTemplates's Channel

    There are a few examples of what some of our video guys are doing in this niche in that Youtube link.
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    Articles = 250 words each

    Articles wouldn't necessarily have to be text shown on screen, could be slide show/effects/etc.

    Slideshow, text slides, images, etc. Just about anything related to the content.
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      Originally Posted by Andrew Maule View Post

      Articles = 250 words each

      Articles wouldn't necessarily have to be text shown on screen, could be slide show/effects/etc.

      Slideshow, text slides, images, etc. Just about anything related to the content.
      Hi Andrew,

      A voiceover artist averages about 150 words per minute, so 250 word articles would produce videos almost 2 minutes long. The voiceover alone, if done by a professional, will cost you at least $7 each. That's the best rate I've found for a high quality voice actor. Of course, you could save a little money here if you used a video producer with an acceptable voice.

      To use stock photos or stock video related to the content, someone would need to spend some time locating and choosing those visual elements. Then you move on to editing - putting those visual elements together in a meaningful way.

      To keep it simple, let's say that a good video producer can accomplish all that in one hour for each video. How much do you think a skilled technician should charge for their services? $25 per hour? More?

      Granted, this type of video does not require the skills of an Andy Jenkins, but for the finished video to have any value, the video producer needs to have skills and experience that are worth much more than $4 per video.

      Steve Robertson
      R.A.M. Video
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    Hi mate, I found this on the Ezinearticles forum earlier this evening. I can't vouch for their service but here's the link (NOT affiliate)

    Turn any article to video with animation, music, graphics, and a full voice-over for just $1!

    Hope this helps!

    Need help building your reputation as a single person, business owner? I can help by teaching consistency in simplicity for building your better business reputation.

    Join my free business mindset group on facebook

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    Have you looked into Incansoft's (Big Mike) GFX Video Writer?

    It takes your articles and converts them into videos.

    Here's the link:

    Incansoft | Experience The Difference Today!

    No I am not affiliated in any way. I should be for as many people that I send over there
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    If you don't mind clicking a few buttons, you can actually do it with Aricle Video Robot. It takes your article and translates it to video and then there is a submitter built in.

    I use it and it works pretty well.

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    @Jill - You actually make that sound quite easy to do. If it's just text slides I see being able to knock them out much faster. I've never done powerpoint to video though so I don't know how that works, but otherwise sounds quite easy. I don't know that I have the voice for it though unfortunately.
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    Hi Andy,

    We might be able to help. Will this be a full time job?
    I would like to further discuss this project with you. Hope to hear from you.
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