when you are in business, what you learn about the average person

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i was reading this article about the palin debate and this jumped out at me:

"In another experiment, Simons stopped people on the street and asked for directions. Halfway through the answer, he arranged for two men carrying a door to walk between him and the person giving the answer. After the door passed by, Simons was gone -- and one of the people carrying the door was standing in his place. Half the time, people did not notice the person they were talking to had changed."


it just reinforces the notion that most, 90% of people just breeze through life, not particularly focused one one particular subject or the other. the most important things could be paying the mortgage and the kids grades, other things may just not be important to them, they procrastinate, dont pay attention to detail, do what is intuitive and quick, etc.

its interesting what you learn about this human behavior. the reasons behind why some people dont uncheck a crossell on a signup form, making price points an off #’s (rather than 29.99, make it 28.57/mo., to make it blend in with other purchases that had the tax added, or making 40.00 charges ATMbill, etc), even the basic rebilling model, on a site membership purchase.

i always believed tha skill or rhetoric was the most valuable one you could acquire. You can see this with politicians soundbites every day, I remember somebody on some board posting some time back something like “90% of people are sheep. But watch out for the other 10%"
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    I'd like to know how the researchers determined that half the people did not notice the person they were talking to had changed. How do you tell what someone else notices?

    Maybe some of these people did notice, but the researchers did not notice that fact.
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