How do I record a webinar (that I host) with my Mac?

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I was just wondering what my options for recording a webinar that I'm hosting are if I'm using a Mac?... because from what I understand, GoToWebinar only allows you to record via their system if you are on a PC (I guess I could use my Dell laptop to record it, but my fear is that it will crap out on me in the middle of the webinar... LOL).

I could use Screenflow or Camtasia for Mac, but won't that only record MY voice, and not the voice of any other contributors on the webinar (I'll have other contributors on the webinar).

For instance, should I use Screenflow to record the video, Audio Acrobat to record the audio, and then splice the two together... or is there some easier solution altogether?

So my main concerns are...

* How to record the webinar video, MY voice, AND a contributor's voice so that this recording can easily be placed online for others to listen to later?

If you know of any simple solutions that allows me to do all of this easily with my Mac, please let me know.


Andy Hussong
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    Hi guys,for record audio try use Macvide Audio Recorder.I think it's really good programm)must help you too)
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    Andy If you go to "Configure recording in ScreenFlow" You can choose exactly what you want to record
    - Video - and where from (Built in iSight or another attached input)
    - Audio - and which input
    - Computer Audio.

    ScreenFlow records whatever you have selected. So it is possible to record all 3 or just the computer audio and microphone input.

    Hope that helps.

    Kind regards, Kerrie

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      Thanks, Kerrie. I'd actually figured out that stuff shortly after I posted this last year, but that's great help for anyone else who may be looking for guidance with this.

      Take care,

      Andy Hussong
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      • You can get the audio part with better sound using skype out and the mac/ callrecorder/ very good quality. Even if you use the recording on gotowebinar (windows) the quality sucks for some reason. Also with the ecamm recorder i use it to create content by recording interviews with experts then share it with my list and membership and i have done it while traveling even in some 3rd world country with low bandwidth i could get good audio. Try it out. Good luck
        soon people... Relax...
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    I spent allot of time trying to get Camtasia to work with my MAC - bought a PC and it was off and running - I use my MAC for nost of my work but for Camtasia recordings it is PC all the way
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    So far the best solution I found is to use a 2nd mac and login into gotowebinars as a attendee. Then just make sure to choose record computer audio in screenflow and turn off the record mic.

    This way you can record the full screen and record everyone that is presenting.

    I do also use skype and the ecamm recorder which is great. but skype chocks alot when more than 2 people are on.
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    Try using GoMeetNow webinar service. It allows you to record webinars both on MAC and windows computers. The resulting recording is stored as an executable file which contains both the recorded data and a built-in player.
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