Anyone know what i could do with this site?

by Matt Hoey 1 replies
It was my first project, not really to make money, just as a website to test about something i liked.

Call of Duty 4 Tips - Call of Duty 4 Xbox Tips Tricks Guides FAQs Perks Achievements Multiplayer Strategies -

It gets a fair amount of visitors, about 200-300 per day consistently. Mainyl from 2-3 keywords and i rank 1-5th for each of them, like call of duty 4 tips ranks 2nd.

Just wondering, apart form the obvious adsense i'm running, is there anything i could do with this to make money?

I would sell it but the pages in css are not very good, someone who doesn't know how to use them would probably get confused - as i sai di was strating out.

So, how could i make money off this? I earn about 50 cents -$1.50 per day form the adsense.
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    Hi Matt

    Awesome site I love COD4!

    how about joining the Amazon affiliate program and selling some Xbox 360 stuff from your site.

    Also is there an affiliate program for Xbox Live codes and stuff?

    If it is ranking well you could add adsense for more income.

    Or even write a guide on how to dominate COD4 and see if it sells.

    Just my 2 pence.

    Hope this helps!

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