I Need A Small Program Made URGENTLY

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Hi all,

To all the Warrior Coders,

I need a little FTP program made. It's a very simple concept. Here's the scenario I would like:

1) User puts their FTP login details into an input dialog box. which include FTP server, username and password.

2) Dialog box disappears and FTP then logs in (in the background, no UI needed)...

3) Changes the directory to "public_html"

4) Uploads 6 html files which are located in the same folder as the FTP program.

5) Creates a directory called "images".

6) Changes directory to "images".

7) Uploads about 10 images which are located the "images" folder which is in the same folder as the FTP program.

8) Closes FTP connection.

9) A message box appears, your files have been uploaded successfully.

No graphic user interface is required. Just the dialog boxes.

I need this done urgently, anyone up for it?

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