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Has anyone noticed a boost in the SERP as a consequence of NoFollow Social bookmarking?

I know it doesn't make sense. NoFollow should do anything to the SERP...
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    It is hard to say because I don't target that type of link however I have a feeling that they do provide benefit.

    I've heard opinion from both sides of the fence. Personally I like to leverage any option I can in a link building campaign.


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    I haven't seen that. Tough I don't use them too much so it couldn't be a criteria.
    BTW what nofolllow bookmarking sites do you use?
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    Of the nofollows I use digg, deilcious etc.
    I get a really big boost of the dofollows.
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    Exactly why no follow means nothing ... It still increases your rankings and traffic. Those that only post to do follow sites really have no idea how much they miss out on by following the crowd.

    Yes I can tell you no follow means nothing and it does help you ...

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    Google wants us to have both nofollow and dofollow links and when you think about it, it's only natural. Gone are the days when we send out polite emails asking for a non reciprocal link to our site. These days everyone who owns a website that is more or less in the SERPs is for a reason and they are no longer handing out dofollows on a silver platter. Do what Google wants - get some nofollow links links and see the difference!
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