Where to go to submit a press release off-Line?

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Hi warriors,

For the launch of my website I want to submit press releases off-line. Can anybody recommend a great pr company or person who can get the attention of journalist of the major newspapers and magazines?

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    I heard your best chances of getting a press release into a print publication is to actually mail each publisher a copy of it.

    Try contacting some of the publications you would want to submit the press release to and see what they say. They might welcome your press release for review.

    I also recommend hiring a professional press release writer. It can make a big difference. Quality is everything, especially with major publications. They don't want something that simply advertises your website. Maybe it could be a story behind your success or revolutionary new website.
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      Hi Michael,

      Thank you for your comment. Do you know a great professional press release writer?
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    I second Michael -- definitely go with physical mail. Email has become so easy that in many cases, any unsolicited email is treated like we treat pharmaceutical spam. Also (sorry, Michael, for just parroting what you've said) story is key. If it wouldn't make a good novel, it won't make a good press release.

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    Check with local ad agencies for someone who can write
    a press release for you. You can then fax it yourself to
    the publications you wish to target.
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