What effect will changes to articles have on listing?

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I have a few articles that have been on the first page of Google for a couple of weeks. I now have a more relevant domain name for my product.

I will be writing new articles with a link to the new domain and backlinking to the older articles. What are the pros and cons to modifying the older articles with the new domain name? I don't want to lose my ranking.

The old domain will still be available.

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    If you're getting significant traffic from Google through those Page 1 links, leave it alone. If not, no real harm in seeing what happens if you do switch things up. In fact, it might teach you something about how Google works for future reference. You might even try a split test. Change up one of the articles and leave the other alone. See what happens.

    Regarding domain names, I'm of the opinion from some experience that it matters a lot less than it used to. It's too easy to try and game the SEs with something so fundamental as domain names, and I think the smart folks at Google and the others understand that completely. I largely ignore the DN from an SEO standpoint now and shoot for something that truly reflects the content on the site. Just my 2 cents, and I'm certainly no "guru." Good luck with it... I hope whatever you do it doesn't take you off the first page. God knows it's hard enough getting there for keywords that bring a decent flow of visitors.

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      I will change one of the articles. It's the one with a horrible CTR, so even though it's on the first page, it's really doing me no good.

      I did notice a difference with the domain names. Within a week of launching my new landing page it was showing up in the top few pages. I was shocked to actually see it listed. The name is a very highly searched keyword, but it has shown up for about three different keywords within the first three pages. I have yet to see the older domain name.

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