How to make money with payment option of Western Union and Moneybookers!

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Hello Guys,

I am Umee, Live in Pakistan. I haven't paypal account because it does not work in Pakistan so I have two choices Western Union and Moneybookers. Guys will tell me, How to make money on internet 500$ to 1000$ monthly. I can write articles on different niches but AC and others related websites, does not support Western Union and Moneybookers so I have problem for writing articles

I have Adsense Account, I earned 230$ and my daily earning is 1$-2$ but I want to earn 500$ to 1000$ monthly so guys tell me how to make money? I am newbie on clickbank, CPA, etc ... Also suggest me articles writing websites who have a option of Western Union and Moneybookers.

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