What Camera for Making Videos

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Lots of people spend a small fortune on cameras that they will only do work for the web.

By getting the right camera you can do a lot with a little.

Have a look at the Casio EX FC150 The Poor Man's High Speed Phantom Video Blog. High speed can make all the difference so have a look.

Casio EX FC150 - The Poor Man's High Speed Phantom Video Blog on Vimeo

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    Kodak Zi8, hands down. Look up "Kodak zi8 on Steroids"
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    I love the Kodak Zi8, it's got my vote.
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      The Kodak Zi8 is brilliant but I'm not too keen on the ArcSoft
      software - can anyone suggest a better, free, video handling
      program ?
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        I like the kodak zi8... Its also recomended by traffic geyser and I have gleaned alot of cool stuff from Mike Koenings and the traffic geyser platform.

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    Nikon D350 Is a DSLR camera normally I use.Its great experience to see the pictures I take.See for yourself some good samples
    Flickr: veerait's Photostream
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    Yup, I agree. My bro uses the Kodak Zi8 for all of his youtube video's and they all turn out great. It's an HD camera and it's the size of an iPhone.
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    I agree with those who voted for Kodak Zi8
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    I like the Flip HD for videos. It works great and is very affordable. You can take it anywhere and you can plug it right into you computer via usb.

    I don't take to many still pics so I wouldn't know what to use.
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    I totally agree with Deezy, I've got a Flip Ultra HD and it still amazes me. You can plug it directly to your PC, no need for batteries (it gets charged from your PC) and a high definition camera!

    It stores up to 2 hours (8 GB approximately) and overall, its price is unbeatable: $160-$180

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    Casio EX FC150 or kodak zi8 are both good cheap options. depending on your budget go with one of those.

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      Will certainly consider purchasing the Kodak zi8 (£120), as my present
      camera has only 4mp & therefore the picture quality isn't the best.

      Mark :p
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        I have purchased a number of these cameras as photography is a hobby of mine.

        I love the Flipultra HD as it's extremely portable and I have the underwater case which allows for superb videos in odd occasions.

        However the drawback of this camera and I believe the yi8 is that it is difficult to film yourself. You cannot see what you are recording when you turn the camera around to film yourself.

        An alternative is the reasonably priced sanyo xacti. It has a rotating screen so allows you to clearly see what is being filmed when you turn it around to film yourself.

        Just my 2 cents worth.
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    I also use a flip mino hd though when indoors you do need a good light source..
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      Kodak Zi8 gets my vote ... you can connect an external mic, which you can not do with the Flip.

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    I think cannon is the best for making videos
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