Wrong spelling keywords?

by Mark Brian 2 replies
There are some wrongly spelled words with decent number of searches. Usually Google would suggest the correct spelling if users wrongly spelled a word. Do you include wrong spelling keywords in your campaign/articles, are they effective?
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    Hello Mark

    The second most popular keyword that brings people to my site is a mis-spelling of my product's name.

    Maybe I need to get a shorter name for it!



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    Misspellings are definitely very 2003. With the aforementioned feature, most will automatically click the "Did you mean . . . " link. Also, Google does a decent job of listing relevant (ie, correctly spelled) results for misspelled search queries.

    Another tough thing about using misspellings is the loss of credibility in some of your consumers' eyes when your content is misspelled. That's kind of a choice for you to make, but here's my take on the matter - if Google offers the "suggestion," then it's likely not worth it - however, if your keyword misspelling does not have a "did you mean . . . " suggestion, then you may want to consider optimizing some content for it.
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